Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sad diatribe

Please note that the person who wrote this is NOT a reader of my blog, so don't jump to any conclusions about who wrote it.  This is the same person who wrote the lovely note about firearms.

My pity for this person knows no depths.  Please pray for him

Even the atheist readers of my blog do not express themselves with this much anger and hate.   This person truly is to be pitied.

The bible is by far the worst book ever in humanity. It does nothing but breed hate and intolerance. It is filled with ridiculous and indefensible errors. I would sooner let a kid read Playboy that the violent, intolerant bible. It is not the word of any god. It reflects only the bigotry and hate of humans and belongs in a landfill.
I am ready and willing to provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF that the bible is WRONG on just about everything, but deluded people refuse to consider challenges to their crutches, preferring instead to just pretend there are no legitimate challenges as they move forward trying to shove this crap down everyone's throat. The bible is responsible for more hate, intolerance, violence, and death than any other book in history and should be burned into oblivion, along with the genocidal make believe god and religion it created.

I am sorry if you object to my opinions, but as an American, I have just as much right to express them as any of you do.
No splendor, no poetry, no joy, no majesty, no comfort, no knowledge, no insight, no salvation... that's what this person is missing by his attitude.  The Bible certainly has its fill of violence and death, and horrible things have been done because of some twisted justification found within its pages.  But it also has enormous and unspeakable beauty, and far more magnificent things have been done by those who take inspiration and direction from it.

During this season of praise and thanksgiving, I honestly do feel sorry for those unable to reap the benefits from this best-selling book of all time.


  1. Why post this type of stuff, especially so much of it at this time of year? I see this type of hatred every day on MSNBC or whenever Christopher Hitchens speaks or whenever somebody wants to put up a Nativity scene in a city park. Is there no refuge from Christian-bashing? Controversy has its place, but why here and why now? It's your blog to be sure, I would just like to know what is the point to this? To pray for him? I'm not that far along in my faith, apparently, because I will not.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. It doesn't matter how ready or willing he is to provide what he thinks is conclusive proof of his opinion. The kindest, most caring people in my life have been Christians. Why would I take the word of someone so contemptuous and hateful over theirs?

    Xa Lynn

  3. Anonymous Patriot,

    Whenever I read or hear comments against Christ and his followers, I'm reminded of the life of the Apostle Paul. As the original anti-Christ he sets the example of God's marvellous grace. As Paul himself says in I Tim. I 12:13: "Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief."

    And remember, our Lord didn't suggest we pray for those who hate Him and us- he commanded it. The above poster, by God's grace and mercy, could someday become a dedicated follower of Christ. For me that helps keep things in perspective. I hope it may help you also.

    Midwest Christian

  4. What this lost person has written sounds like a contemporary file thirteen draft of a chapter of the Screwtape Letters.

    Sad, sad, sad....lost, lost lost.


  5. Midwest Christian, thank you for the gentle reminder. -AP

  6. Sad time in this country and I would guess all over this world. My bible says inmthe last days that men would turn away from God and not know God. I am grateful to know Him and He knows me. Of that I am reminded daily. When I hear solid by the Book preaching or sit in a concert with my daughter and son-in-law I feel his spirit and can watch it move over people. I am glad I am a christian that has a relationship with my father and no-one can ever tell me quoting anything to sell me any idea that My God isnt real.
    Thank you for your stand and your time, mwp

  7. It is sad when people like this claim to have proof the Bible is wrong and have to lie about the Bible in order to justify their rejection of the Bible and God's desire to have a personal relationship with each of us. I pray he/she one day allows the love of God one day to fill their heart. At the same time I feel the desire to point this person to the 25,000 original manuscripts we have of the Bible. Scholars have only 8 original manuscripts of the Greek tragedies and that is enough for them to be seen as original works. I guess they chose to ignore that overwhelming proof of the authenticity of the Bible just because they rejected its message. I find in the Bible hope, peace, love, salvation, and a God who is involved in the life of HIS people. I guess it depends of what mindset you approach the Bible with that determines what you find. I pray one day this person will find the truth and it will set them free from the anger shown in their response. I gladly cling to the "crutch" that is my God and my source of peace, hope, strength, and life.

    Steve from NC

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  9. Midwest Christian - what a great sentiment! Also, most every Christian I've ever met has been so amazingly kind and welcoming, that those around them would wish to become them. Truly a light unto the world.

    We need to overcome negativity and darkness by one light at a time. One warm & gracious Christian could be a beacon of hope and light to someone they'd never expect


  10. I would answer Anonymous Patriot's question, "Why post this.." with this: It is an opportunity for prayer and fasting. We must increase our love. I understand the immediate reaction, the recoiling at the vitriol, but then I remember all those who have prayed for me when I was lashing out. I thank God for that type of love. Respectfully, Jennifer

  11. Thanks, Jennifer. I get it.

    I would prefer that my question not become a focus of this topic. I would delete it if I could.


  12. "...I was shown mercy, because I acted in ignorance and unbelief." (1 Tim. 1:13) I'm not so sure the person who wrote the "Sad Diatribe" is ignorant. Unbelieving, most certainly. But not ignorant. As for his "conclusive proof" that the Bible is wrong "on just about everything," okay... so, where's the proof? I'm reminded of another man who many years ago didn't believe the Bible, and after hearing a famous evangelist quote from the Bible, he set out to prove that quote was wrong, as was the Bible. He spent literally years trying to disprove something, ANYTHING, the Bible said. He was unsuccessful, and along the way became a devout Christian himself. His name is Hal Lindsey.

    I don't object to this person's opinions, and I doubt if many others do. Why would we object to his opinions? Like he says, he's entitled to them. We all know and agree with that. What we object to is the way he states those opinions. Why can't he do so in a calm, mature manner? Why does he have to be so hateful and vindictive about it? Like all progressive-minded souls, he accuses others of committing the same offenses he himself commits in spades. And also like so many other non-believers, he blames our Heavenly Father for man's mistakes and sins.

    Most likely he doesn't believe that our Heavenly Father exists, and in his childish quest to show his superiority and wisdom over those of us who do believe, he is attempting to boost his ego and self-importance by being as annoying as possible. I see these actions in all atheists and non-believers, as well as progressives. They're like young, extremely spoiled children who always want their way, and when they get it... are they then satisfied? Of course not. They're never satisfied, because they never get what they truly need. A darn good spanking! Unfortunately, these spoiled children grow up physically, but never mentally. Yes, we were commanded to pray for them. That doesn't mean we're praying for their actions and words, just their souls. They might sneer at us, and say and do some pretty nasty things. But trust me, deep down inside they are grateful that we care.

  13. I take exception to the statement that the Bible is to blame for the things man has done. That's a common argument against Christianity, but it's not the Bible or what the Bible teaches that kills people - it's what men do.

    Religion is man's attempt to reach God on his own terms. As a result, religion can (and often does) go astray and do things that are neither asked for nor condoned by the Bible.

    The Bible teaches us to "Love the Lord your God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might." It also says, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

    When we take our focus off of God and His Word, the Bible, and put our focus on religion developed by man, we are apt to do very stupid things - things in direct opposition to the two commandments above.

    Rage against religion if you must, but the Bible is still Truth.