Thursday, November 11, 2010

Selling Ebony and Nix

We sold Ebony and her calf Nix during the summer, though the buyers asked if we would hold the animals until they had a chance to build suitable facilities.  I always like selling animals to people we know will be good stewards, and this is a nice homeschooling family that just moved to the area from Montana.  They're experienced with cattle so I know our girls will be in good hands.

In order to catch Ebony and Nix when we needed to, we fed the beasties in the corral for a couple of days.  This meant everyone could be trapped, and we could shoo out the animals we didn't want in order to scoot the animals we did want into the barn.

Done this way, it was a fairly effortless thing to get Ebony and Nix into the barn (sorry about the white eyes - flash cameras don't do well with cattle).

The buyers brought their horse trailer which they backed right up to the barn door, so we scooted the critters inside within thirty seconds.  Loading animals isn't always so hassle-free, so this was a treat.

"Where are we going?"

And off they go.

I saw the buyer a couple days later and asked how they animals were settling in, and said they were going great.  This family has seven kids (some bio, some adopted) so there will be a lot of love and affection for the animals.

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  1. Ah...thank you for my dose of visual Valium today. Been reading the news to much again...had to come visit and crash a