Monday, March 12, 2012

Random pix

Here are some random pix from the last few weeks.

Older Daughter went on a snow-caving trip with her Venture Scouts group (I'll post additional pix of her trip at some point). The group took a gondola ride at a ski resort to the top of a mountain and made a cave in the snow, where they spent the night. Here's a gear check before she went. It's not as heavy as it looks.

Coming home from our county seat one day, I happened to parallel a train. I pulled over to take a few shots as it crossed bridges and trestles.

(There's just something about watching trains. I love them.)

Local gas prices. March 2:

March 9:

Making macaroni and cheese. Older daughter got the boring job of stirring the cheese sauce until it thickened.

Snap, our rooster (photo taken through a glass door).

One of our hens, caught in a shaft of sunlight.

Major, barking at some neighbors riding their horses.

Older Daughter and I went walking with a neighbor and her son on a warm day.

I liked the way the trees reflected on a stream of meltwater.

The views were beautiful.

Early morning sunshine on our hay.

Will we have enough hay to get through the winter? No idea. Last year at this time we were buying hay, so at least we're doing better than that.

Younger Daughter is still endeavoring to teach herself Japanese.

Recently she found a library book which is helping.

There's so much "awwww"-factor in this shot that I'm tempted to put it on the masthead of the blog.

Full moon rising in the evening.

Full moon setting at dawn the following morning.

Deer at dawn, crossing the fields.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I wish our gas was that's $4 a gallon here. :(

  2. Our gas prices here in rural East Linn County of Oregon (Lebanon, Sweet Home) are up to 3.89.

  3. Patrice, Love your pictures, thank you for sharing. Did you oldest enjoy her camping? I so love the picture of your dog in the rocker, lol
    Have a good day!

  4. You know, taking those pictures of the trains makes you a terrorist, don't you? LOL. We all know that only terrorists would want to take pix of infrastructure and monuments and interesting architecure, right? ;-}
    Great train pictures, though.

  5. Food for thought about learning Japanese .. have you ever considered hosting a short term Japanese exchange student? We've had four in the past few decades (from 4-8 weeks) and the cultural exchange is awesome.

  6. You're a dollar cheaper on gas than here (central coast CA), diesel is over $4.50 but it isn't the gas you need to watch, it's the diesel price. The world runs on diesel including EVERYTHING that we get shipped to stores whether by truck or train, farmers equipment to plant/harvest fields or commercial generators will be affected by that price thus that cost will be passed on to the consumer. Hold on tight....

    I like how your roo was parked by your back door. We've got 3 ol' gals that will bunch up next to each other on the mat by the glass slider, too. Chickens are funny critters sometimes. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  7. Really great to see Major out in the yard barking.

    I too love trains.


  8. We are so lucky to live in North Idaho. Beautiful pictures. Is your dog a Great Pyrenees? Looks a little like the Pyrenees we had named Freud. I love to watch the trains go by too. Have you biked through the old train tunnels along the Hiawatha?

  9. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)March 12, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    Always love your pics! Oh, how I miss the sound of a train! Before we moved to farm country our home was on the highest, forested part of town. The freight train ran below every morning at 2am. You could tell each engineer by how he 'sang' his whistle while going through. On special holidays they would hook up a real steam engine and we would stand in our woods and watch billows of smoke snake through the mountains. Awesome! Thanks for the memories!

  10. You sure live in a beautiful part of the country. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  11. I think the new doggie pose would make a nice masthead photo. I like the rising moon, too!
    --K in OK <><

  12. Gas in my neck of the woods, central Arkansas is $3.55. I totally agree with Hobo about the price of diesal. Trucks haul something like 70% of all products sold. My dad is a truck driver for a lage company he said it costs about $800 to fill his semi.

    Sara in Arkansas

  13. I love the walk I took with this post! I feel comfy, cozy, and at home amongst your simple life!

    I am always happy to see others enjoy the lovely life-


  14. I think you should do an entire pictorial blog sometime with just pictures of Lydia. I love her!!! The picture in the rocker is major awwwww factor!!!!