Friday, March 30, 2012

Prom night

So it seems certain high schools are putting some rules in effect about prom dresses... specifically, trying to curtail skanky clothes.

"Schools from Connecticut to Arizona are responding to risqué prom dresses with elaborate dress codes," notes a Wall Street Journal article. "Prom fashion in some stores goes way beyond plunging necklines and hiked-up hems to include low-slung backs, thigh-high slits and midriff-bearing cutouts."

Interestingly, a not-uncommon criticism of homeschooling is the argument of "Awww, but they'll miss the prom!" (An example of what they're missing can be seen here.) Now it seems public schools are belatedly recognizing the prom trend has gotten uglier and uglier in recent years.

Some schools are pro-actively trying to forestall skanky prom fashions by giving Power-Point presentations, posting photos in school hallways, and printing up brochures about what constitutes unacceptable styles. In some schools, "students have to sign a document acknowledging they will abide by the dress code or be turned away at the door."

So what are some of the unacceptable prom fashions schools are trying to discourage? Take a gander:

(Notice the zipper down the butt...)

It may not work, but I applaud the schools for trying to uphold some sort of standards.

Now, here's another minor thing I happen to notice in this article on the same issue, in discussing the types of prom dresses which are considered acceptable:

"It seems kind of petty," Cindi Lee, an Algebra teacher at Southmore High School outside Oklahoma City, told the Journal, "but we really do want them to understand we are holding them to a high standard." Administrators at the school have put together a twelve-page power-point presentation with close-cropped images to show students exactly what the rules are. "Words don't mean much to them," says Lee. Other schools are using posters and illustrated handouts.

Words don't mean much to them...

Let's hear it for the high academic standards in our nation.


  1. Yep, yep, high academic standards. I am too old to cry and just can't laugh at it. Locally, Florida has high stakes testing that is leaving more kids behind than any previous system. What are the local kids talking about? Breast implants. Yep, a local 16 year old was given implants as a birthday present from her mom. She couldn't wait to get to school and 'show them off.'

  2. Good for the schools that are being proactive about this. But...Where are these girls' parents that would let them dress like that? My daughter is going to prom this year in a beautiful full-length gown. Yes, the gown is strapless, but with a high straight cut. No plunging necklines or backs. She knew what our standards are in our household and found a dress accordingly. She wanted a formal dress also, not some skimpy thing that will attract the wrong attention. Good parenting leads to girls making good choices. That should not fall on the school's shoulders.

  3. Sad. Just sad that this is the standards our young women think they need to live up to these days. I have 5 boys, but it still affects me as a father because my sons are the targets of these dresses. I know as a parent it is up to me to teach my sons to respect women and not view them as just sexual objects, but lets face it hard to fight hormones. That doesn't mean to give up, but it makes it harder when other parents are allowing girls to dress like this. At the end of the day, I blame the parents.

    And don't get me started on the academic standards. English isn't even my first language, and I am so disappointed by what kids are taught about their language these days.

    Have a great weekend, Patrice.

  4. Ugh,this just shows you what kind of depraved society we live in today. I'm not really surprised at the article about the so-called "prom" held at Boston City Hall. What it described sounded a little too much like Sodom and Gomorahh for my comfort, and I've seen some pretty freaky stuff in my life too. I know the proms at my high school were probably not the best, but they were nowhere NEAR as trashy as that! Don't these people have better things to do with their life than obsess over sex (or even worse sex with kids?)?


  5. Hey Patrice,
    This above trend must be the birthing ground for the hedonistic,liberal agenda being taught on most colleges. Your article about 'college, not my kid' is mentioned on a list of related articles, just posted on WorldNetDaily:
    Many people are putting the brakes on the 'debt and destruction'.
    --K in OK<><

  6. Wat r u talkn about? Kidz tday r ok, edumacation iz over ratted...

  7. Was the word "prom" a play on the word "promiscuous"? They should call it something else and make em wear uniforms.


  8. Such is the fruit of secular socialists with their 'It takes a village' mentality, liberal agenda and teachers unions. If at all possible, parents need to make whatever sacrifices necessary to protect their children from the despicable indoctrination of government schools and socialist colleges.

    I attend a church of about 200. Virtually every family homeschools their children; many at great sacrifice financially. But what beautiful children...
    Montana Guy

  9. So we'll teach you how to put condoms on a banana; that it's Ok to be a sexual deviant; that we'll punish the innocent as well as the guilty (zero tolerance policies); that we won't tell your parents if you want an abortion...

    BUT - don't you DARE come to prom with a revealing dress!!

    In a perverted twist, the schools are doing what the parents should be doing. Stop the planet, I wanna get off.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska