Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where there is a niche...

The most important piece of advice for anyone who's ever started a business is, "Find a niche and fill it."

A few years ago I remember hearing about an online dating service specific to farmers and ranchers, which I thought was a nifty idea (don't remember the name, sorry). After all, why not cater to a specialized group of people who have a hard time connecting?

And now someone else has taken a vacant niche and filled it. A reader just sent me a link to an article about another online dating service, this one catering to Preppers and Survivalists, called Survivalist Singles. The slogan is, "Don't face the future alone."

The article is written with just the barest hint of disbelief -- as in, who in their right mind could possibly think anything could ever go wrong? -- and takes the obligatory extreme examples (humanure) to demonstrate the mindset of preppers. But coming from the mainstream media as it does, it's otherwise a reasonably fair examination of this void in the dating world, though links interspersed throughout the article still poke fun at the tinfoil-hat wearing subculture ("My doomsday tab: $130K on bunkers, guns and more," "9 signs the world will end in 2012," etc.). The mainstream media, it seems, is simply incapable of separating the loonytoons from those with serious concerns about our future.

But no matter. It's kind of a nifty concept, the idea of linking Preppers together. Fill that niche!


  1. Hey Patrice, The farmer/rancher one is My husband of 8 months and I met on it. :) Before I met him I had never heard the word "prepper"...but I had been one for a long time. I was 30, and knew what I was looking for. You can't find someone who wants to homestead at the local bar or even the local church if you live in the dreaded subarbs. So when I found I thought what the heck. Well, 8 months later and almost 8 months pregnant (yes, honeymoon baby) I can say I'm glad we both decided to take a chance online. :)

    Cass in WA (yes the same Cass who canned mushrooms and cheese a while back. :) I've got apple sauce and moose sausage under my belt now too!)

  2. Oh wow, great story!! Sounds like an article to me... (wink).

    - Patrice

  3. "The mainstream media, it seems, is simply incapable of separating the loonytoons from those with serious concerns about our future." My wife and I are convinced that the liberal lamestream media doesn't WANT to separate the true loonies from the serious folks. Long as we're not toeing the line, believing every lie we're told and doubting the veracity of our latest group of lying leaders, they will continue to lump us all together, doing their best to make us look foolish. Thankfully, it's beginning to appear that more and more Americans every day are wising up to the lies and subterfuge. We just hope it isn't too late! --Fred & Deb in AZ

  4. Humanure and bunkers, I don't have either but I'm working on it....sigh, think I have to concede I'm getting on the 'extreme' end of survivalist ;)