Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Older Daughter isn't with us this week because she was asked to house-sit in a nearby town for a family from our church. Her duties will be light and mostly involve taking care of their two beautiful cats. No hardship for Older Daughter, who loves cats!

And what a beautiful house it is! Much nicer than ours.

These folks generously stuffed their freezer and pantry with everything they thought a teenage girl would enjoy...

...with specific instructions to eat it all!

To top it off, they even left her $50 in spending money! And they're paying her to boot!

Even better, this house is literally next door to some of our friends, so Older Daughter has someone to hang with if she gets bored. Altogether, a pretty sweet gig -- she's in heaven!


  1. Sweet deal! Hope she has a good time :o)

  2. How fun! I was a housesitter during my teens through early 20s. Pets to keep you company, a mini-vacation, junk food, and $$$ too - I always felt just a little guilty being paid because it was so much fun!

  3. Opportunity knocks on the doors of the responsible. I hope she has a great time!

  4. She may never want to come home!
    What an awesome gig.

  5. my goodness but that fireplace photo could be my living room- even the placement of the over the last ten years, every trip i make i have hired teens to housesit and dogsit. the only thing they absolutely must do is walk the dogs twice a day, and feed them twice a day. those of us who love our pets will pay well and welcome the teen who will do the job.