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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Seems this sign got Tweeted all over the place.

To be fair this was an honest misteak, and everyone involved saw the humor of the situation. Read the article here.


  1. "misteak"? *raises an eyebrow*

    Meta humor this early in the morning isn't good for the health :)

  2. Their is nothing fare about viral humor! LOL

  3. Andrew Brietbart is dead. Thought you might want to check WND yourself. Feel like I have been kicked in the gut.

    Ouida Gabriel

    1. I heard about it this morning. What a tragedy. There were some very moving tributes on Drudge.

      - Patrice

  4. An elementary school (public) in our neighborhood once posted their sign with the phrase "Kindess is a Verb". The head of county schools told me "get a life" when I remarked that while I understood the sentiment of kindness being something we all should practice it was in fact a noun. We continue to homeschool!

  5. In this day/age people spell so badly and text in some code only they understand I'm surprised anybody noticed!!!

  6. Pure marketing genius if you ask me. Think of all the free publicity they got. Had they spelled it right there would probrably only been a handful of parents showing up.

  7. A local school district has "Dedicated to Be the Best" painted on the side of their school buses.