Friday, March 2, 2012

Prayers for the midwest

I pray everyone stays safe in light of these horrible storms tearing up the midwest.


  1. I've been a weather spotter for quite a while now. I grew up in Illinois, lived in Oklahoma City for a while, so I've seen some weather in my time. I haven't seen anything like yesterday in a LONG time. We got lucky. The tornado missed our Farmette and only trashed my car with golf ball sized hail.

    1. Thank God it missed you.

      Please tell me y'all have a cellar.

      It's too warm here, too. The trees and berries are trying to bud and we've had little to no snow. (We're a few hundred miles northwest of Don and Patrice.) But there's nothing here that compares to the storms that roll through the Midwest City area and east of there. Those only make the body shops happy. lol (a little inside-joke kind of gallows humor, if you will.)

      Sure glad you all made it through ok and it's to know you're a good cloud reader. Committed weather watchers are sure worth their salt.


    2. We are definitely thankful. The storm that hit us is the same one that destroyed West Liberty...

  2. Such a scary day, we have had such warm weather this year afraid what the real spring is going to be like. Prays for all the families!!

  3. We have been through numerous hurricanes but only one tornado. I will take a hurricane any day.

    The tornado was the Sunday after Thanksgiving a number of years ago when we lived in Tennessee. One fatality in the neighborhood.

    Prayers for the folks affected.


  4. The altar is the only thing in the church that was not damaged. I live about 6 miles from Ridgway and 19 miles from Harrisburg. You just have to see this in person to understand the force that nature placed on these small towns. There was several small farmsteads ruined also. This is why I built my storm cellar and have weather radio for alerts.

  5. We are south of Cincinnati, OH and this area has been hit in northern Pendleton County. We got off light, with 2 outbuildings missing some roofs. But a mile from here, it looks like a war zone. there was a barn on one road and a house on the other. Some homes just gone! Lots of damage in certain areas. About 10 miles from here in "Piner, KY" there were 3 deaths. We sure would appreciate any prayers for the people in this area that were hit by the tornadoes. It was good to see the Salvation Army come out to the country to try to feed and provide drinks to the people hit. Lots of people helping here, there is still some good people in this area!! It's out in the country, but an area where there were quite a few homes along the road.

  6. We are only about 22 miles by the official map west of Harrisburg.....we were lucky. Some friends south of us lost over half their roof, trees down, etc., but that was all. Even the Friday storms split and went around us. We are truly blessed. We do have a basement and that is where we were.....