Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where did THIS come from?

We went to bed last night to a gentle and light snowfall.

We woke up this morning to a howling wind and blinding snow. Go figure.

I fed the livestock in the corral, since their feedboxes were drifted over. They're also more protected by the wind and their food was less likely to blow away.

We had to make a spot decision about whether or not to go to church. Oddly our car was drifted in but our 400 foot driveway (well, most of it) was scoured almost clean. However it's the two miles of dirt road to get to the paved road that concerned us... and we decided God would understand if we stayed put. So we did.

I guess winter isn't over yet!

1 comment:

  1. Winter has been surprising most of us this year. I think God understands totally, he would rather your family be safe and warm then stuck somewhere. I bet the weather also surpised your livestock. The weather has been so unpredictable in Oklahoma. Were expecting 60+mph winds, and rain this afternoon. Stay warm and have a great day!