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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Close encounters

Here's a fascinating little video clip. Apparently an advertisement for Toyota was being filmed with a professional test driver when all of a sudden a deer shot across the road. It was a remarkably close encounter, captured entirely on film!

It's no wonder so many dead deer litter the sides of so many rural roads...


  1. Ouch - Good way to total a plastic car.

    BTW - Please say a prayer for our friends:

  2. Yes deer are stupid. I never realized how true the saying "Deer in the headlights look" was, until my current job of driving brought me into contact with so many deer in the evening time. I've even been charged by a buck while driving my van.

  3. Just Me Just Testing --- my comments haven't gone through for about a week.....

  4. Okay --that one apparently went through - first one in a week ---

    I was going to say that I wonder what it is in animals that they can't recognize a huge moving object as a threat. If a car had four kegs and growled, would their perception be any better?

    If a deer can see you taking its picture in a snowy field from half a mile away, why can't it see a big mass of "vroom" coming at it?

    Just Me

  5. Coming from the city, I couldn't understand why you accidently hit a deer until I drove in Wyoming. Here we were, long stretch of highway, visability for miles, deer along the road grazing. You'd think if they spooked they would run AWAY from the thing that spooked them..but no. They run alongside the highway for a bit, while you drive thinking which way will they go...then they bolt out toward the road right in front of your car. Seriously?!

  6. I've seen plenty of deer along the roadside, and "nudged" one on across(no damage),and had another clear the hood. A deer will destroy a big car if you hit it head on-I was behind a Cadillac El Dorado that slammed into a deer(an old 70s model),and it destroyed the front. Deer are plentiful here,and there are places you just drive slow and look out for them. The strangest thing I've seen out on the road is an emu(they got out of a farm that was raising them).

  7. Between the rats with antlers, and the suicide cats....

    "Wow, look at the big scary thing with the bright demon eyes headed right toward me! I think I'll run right in FRONT of it and see what happens!"

  8. Sometimes a good place to pick up some extra meat. If it's not to banged up.