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Thursday, February 9, 2012

To their knees...

A reader asked for prayers for this family. I went to her link and read a poignant and beautifully-written account of struggle and hardship.

Yes, please pray for this family.


  1. What a heartbreaking time they are having, prayers for sure are with them

  2. so many are having "hard times" and "harder times" just to sustain themselves and their families these days. and alot of us are quite practiced at keeping our hard times and our sorrows to ourselves, hidden away from eyes and ears that might help if only with a short prayer. it is sadly, a good thing to look at "hard times" so that when we are visited by it, we know what it is and how to cope...things do get better. sometimes it just takes awhile.

  3. I too suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and sometimes depression. Living the "simple" life isn't always simple. Medication and Lucinda Bassett's program for overcoming anxiety are helping me improve. I pray that this family finds relief for what is becoming an all too common problem.

  4. Thank you for sharing our blog with your readers. We have been beyond humbled by the support and prayers that we have experienced since writing the blog post sharing our struggles. God is always good--even if it sometimes seems to be (as our pastor says) a "frowning providence".