Friday, February 24, 2012

Tyranny! Coming soon to a country near you.

My jaw dropped when I read this story about a father who was arrested, strip-searched, and hauled in for questioning after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun at school. Another version of the story is found here.

This took place in Canada. Perhaps some of my Canadian readers can offer some insight about why such a heavy-handed approach was taken?


  1. Obviously, it was an overreaction.

    On the other side, Canada has more gun laws than the US does. Guns are supposed to be locked away at all times when being stored in a house and not accessible by children. The WND article (which appears to be unsourced) points to a school official who says they had reason *beyond* the picture to have questions about the father.

    I found another article in the Calgary Herald ( This article notes that the child claimed the gun was accessible by the children in the household. This obviously led to the concern.

    There *was*, in fact, a "gun"--a toy pistol. The child apparently didn't know the difference. Gun culture is different in Canada. This girly likely wasn't around guns and didn't understand what she was dealing with. This led to an overreaction. I don't think anyone other than the school officials think they did the right thing.

    Great blog, Patrice. And I'm still enjoying The Simplicity Primer!

  2. Agreed. Gun culture is different in Canada. I don't know anyone in Toronto who has a gun [that I know of]

    A bullet was fired into a door at York University in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Young woman interviewed by media who lived in dorm said ,"Why would anyone have a gun?"

    Great blog. Enjoyed the pics of skinning the bull.

  3. Why would anyone have a gun? Come on, Canada isn't the perfect Utopia many Canadians want us to believe. We have friends who live in Canada, and other friends who moved here from Canada. My grandfather was French Canadian. Women are raped in Canada! Liquor stores are robbed, homes are burgled, people are murdered. The big difference is the media keeps it all covered up, just as they're gradually doing here. You know, murder? What murder? Move along, nothing to see here!

    Liberal progressives far outnumber conservatives in Canada and they seem to buy all the lies their media and government tell them, but there still are many conservative Canadians who know better. The main problem for them is they have no Constitution that spells out the fact that ALL humans have a God-given right to defend themselves! Unfortunately, our liberal leaders are doing their best here in the USA to turn us into another Canada. One of these days we and our neighbors to the north will no doubt be one big happy family with no rights and no freedoms, totally at the mercy of crooks and criminals who WILL be armed!

    As for those young women at York University wondering why anyone whould have a gun, if one of them is ever robbed or raped, they'll suddenly have a very good answer to their question! --Fred in AZ

  4. Yes, our gun culture is very different and we have to fight to keep every little bit of rights that we have. It's sad and scary.