Friday, December 30, 2016


A young man who grew up in our church (we've known him since he was seven years old) just proposed to his girlfriend. They've been dating five years.

She said yes.

What a lovely end to 2016.


  1. This is so old fashioned and it made me cry. The values of my youth are still alive and week in those who believe in our Heavenly Father.

  2. Very sweet! :-) May they have a long and happy partnership.

  3. Part of her thoughts might have been "finally"! he, he. Anyway, this is indeed a sweet reminder that not ALL young people are off the rails. Romance is alive in Idaho!

    My wife and I this month celebrated 40 years together. My surprise was to surreptitiously involve my 2 sons to keep a secret. I invited them + our 4 grandkids to show up at our church since the anniversary fell on Sunday. Younger son lives in our area but Older with grandkids is 2 + hours away. Made a short speech and gave he a rose corsage of the same flower s as on our wedding day.

    Of course the comment from the ladies in our church was "who'd a thunk" that I was a romantic. My wife has always known though.

    It was doubly precious in that we had to miss Thanksgiving with them when we both were too sick.

    May this young couple have many, many similar precious memories.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Any chance she was your oldest daughter who just happens to be there visiting at this time ??
    That might be double-nice !

    1. Wow, I like your thinking. I hope you are right. I dread some metrosexual Goldman-Sachs investment broker in New York City is going to swoop her up. But then again, OD is very savvy and can take care of herself.
      Montana Guy