Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow, snow, snow and COLD

As December marches forth, the weather has been getting colder and colder.

Our pond is frozen.

On December 9, we still had a bit of liquid water running through the pasture.

But that didn't last as the temperature gradually crept downward.

We've been keeping our firewood replenished.

Here, Younger Daughter takes a turn with the wood splitter.

Soon, snow moved in in earnest...

...and we started waking up to several inches.

Younger Daughter's been learning to drive in the white stuff. She's working on Coeur d'Alene, so it's an hour's commute for her several days a week.

It's unquestionably pretty stuff, snow.

Lydia entirely agrees.

Originally the weather forecast was calling for quite a large dump, but that kinda petered out and we've been getting "nickled and dimed" with snow instead. One afternoon Don and I took Lydia walking to a spot with a view over a canyon.

What we could see of it, that is.

As she walked, Lydia kept collecting large "jingle balls" of snow on her feet.

At one point, a jingle ball on the pad of her foot got so big she started limping, so she laid down in the road and chewed it off right then and there. After that she was fine.

We make sure the cattle of plenty to eat in this weather. Digestion is a significant factor for keeping ruminants warm.

This time of year, we have a lot of quail. It's easier, I suspect, to find food around a farm.

Yesterday the temperature plunged to -6F. The nice thing about Idaho is these cold snaps seldom last long. This one lasted just one day.

It's usually clear in such weather... the livestock stand sideways to the sun, absorbing the rays. (A cloud passed over just as I took this shot, so the sunshine isn't visible.)

Temperatures are starting to moderate -- on Tuesday we're even supposed to get well above freezing -- but we're still hoping for a white Christmas for Older Daughter when comes home.


  1. Beautiful winter pictures. Do hope we do not loose our snow withthe coming warmup. This was our coldest morning with a minus 3.
    Glad to here your family will be complete for the coming holidays. Certainly wish everyone at your home a very Merry Christmas and we pray and hope for a very best 2017.
    May God bless all. Thank you for all your fine messages.

  2. Awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    Montana Guy

  3. The temp on our truck showed -13 as we drove to church this morning. Whoa! It's a frosty morning. We are grateful for heaters that work and plenty of warm clothes.

  4. That's a nice blessing, to have Older Daughter home for the holidays. The closest I get to the world of nannies, and those that hire them, is an aunt of mine who worked as a nanny for a few months, and I have to wonder in my ignorance what holidays are like in that world.

  5. We had quail here when I was a kid, but they're LONG gone. I miss them. As for snow and cold, I'm of the "BAH! HUMBUG!" school of thought.

  6. Question for you regarding firewood - I've noticed several times that you guys seem to split as you go. Do you not have to worry about seasoning? I'm assuming you're burning Doug Fir - will it dry out enough cut as rounds? Thanks for a reply. We live in Ohio, burn any hardwood I can get my hands on for free and usually burn only after it's been split and stacked for 12 months.

    Best Regards,


    1. We buy pulp logs by the truckload every couple of years. They're often cut dead and are fairly dry already, but in addition they're yarded in our driveway where they continue to dry. We cut wood as we need it and have never had a problem with wet wood. The wood is usually tamarack with a little red fir.

      - Patrice

    2. Thanks so much for your reply. I have read your blog for years and noticed the split-as-you-go routine. Now I know the rest of the story!

      Merry Christmas to all of you,


  7. Your land is so beautiful. I know you are happy there. So peaceful. No quail here, long gone. We are counting the days till our place is finished and we can move in.

  8. it has been so cold here in montana that my
    chickens have not wanted out of the coop for
    over a week and half. we have even keep the
    door shut
    blessing debby