Monday, December 19, 2016

Hitting 21

Today is Older Daughter's 21st birthday! Our little girl is now a legal adult!

So what did she do on her 21st birthday? Well, she worked. It's Monday, after all. But yesterday was another thing altogether.

Earlier this year she fell in with a board game group -- literally, a bunch of nerds who gather together in coffee houses or other free spaces and spend hours playing board games. She's the youngest of the group, which has ages ranging from (now) 21 up through mid-60s. It's a fine group of people, and they do other activities together as well -- hit the Appalachian Trail for day or weekend hikes, attend the Renaissance Faire, etc.

So this group threw Older Daughter a party. They started by attending the latest Star Wars movie (which she admitted was better than she expected) then repaired to someone's apartment for cake and -- what else -- board games. Someone gave her a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream (which of course she couldn't sample since she was driving home), and someone else gave her a knitting kit (she doesn't know how to knit but expressed an interest in learning).

So there you have it. Our baby girl is now a legal adult!

Happy birthday, honey. We love you.


  1. Is there anything cuter than a burly man holding a baby, I don't think so. Happy birthday older daughter.

  2. She sounds like a wise young lady. Congratulations to her, and to her parents for raising her.

  3. Happy Birthday: ) I turned 21 at Parris Island in boot camp,needless to say I didn't drink that day either! God bless....

  4. Pardon me Patrice, but isn't 18 the legal age of adulthood? I only ask because you mentioned it twice in your post. A very merry birthday to your "little girl". 😃

    1. Technically 18 is of legal age for some things, but not all. When you hit 21, more things become legal.

  5. Happy Birthday to older daughter. I am thankful that she found a good group of people to hang out with. I also love that photo.

  6. There's still several things you aren't old enough to do at 18. Buy and sell real estate comes to mind first, along with drinking alcohol, and buying a hand gun (in most states).

    Still, I love the pic. Isn't it true that no matter how old they get their mother remembers that seven pound helpless scrap of life.

  7. I can feel the love and pride coming through in those sentences.
    What a great world it would be if every child were so appreciated.
    Even though my daughter is now fifteen, and will become an adult in a few short years, I've already warned her that part of me will always see her as the little nine-year-old doing her homework at the kitchen table.

    - Charlie