Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another voice, stilled...

Hard on the heels of Carrie Fisher's death, we learn her mother, Debbie Reynolds, has passed away.

Her performance in "Singing in the Rain" launched her to fame. This movie remains one of my all-time favorites.

I know it was not an unexpected thing to have this fine actress pass away, but it seems especially tragic coming one day after her daughter's death.

Sigh. Rest in peace, Debbie.


  1. It sobers me to think in my lifetime I will see all of the Golden Age of Hollywood pass away. One wonders if anyone will grasp the resulting lesson of fleeting fame.

  2. I loved her in "How the West was Won". Natokadn

  3. My Dad has had such a crush on Debbi Reynolds all his life. He's very old and failing himself now. We won't tell him of her death because it would make him very sad.