Friday, December 2, 2016

White field, white dog

Every evening, after the barn chores are done and just as it's getting dusky, Don and I take Lydia walking in the pasture. It's nice to be able to just unleash her and let her run.

Last night, though, she disappeared. That's the problem with having a white dog on a white field: camouflage.

Can you see her? (Neither could we.)

How about now? (Bottom center.)

Consider this series, where she emerges from blending into the background as she ran toward us (if you flit your eyes down the photos quickly enough, maybe it will look like a movie):

The frozen-foggy days of winter are upon us, and Lydia couldn't be happier about it.


  1. Here is something that may help you keep track of Lydia.

    Hope these help.

  2. Amazon has dog tags that blink. We had a black lab that liked hiding in the bushes in the backyard. You could call and call and look but unless she wanted to be found it wasn't happening. Enter the blinking tag.

  3. We have a red tri Australian shepherd. He blends in the woods here in East Tn so well it's scary how fast he can disappear. I got some blaze orange material, sewed a tube & slipped his collar through it. Now I can actually see him at a distance.

  4. Very polar bear reminiscent!

    Learning in NY