Monday, December 12, 2016

Picking chicken pix

I just sent in an article on Jersey Giant chickens to Countryside Magazine. These photos are posted so the editor can choose which wants she wants to use to illustrate.

Photo 1 (973 KB): Hen setting on eggs in freezing December weather.

Photo 2 (866 KB): Jersey Giant eggs -- no bigger than regular eggs.

Photo 3 (1665 KB): Eggs

Photo 4 (2830 KB): Mature rooster

Photo 5 (3055 KB): Mature rooster

Photo 6 (1423 KB): Rooster in the snow -- they're cold-hardy birds

Photo 7 (2840 KB): Hen setting, late September

Photo 8 (2940 KB): Hen setting

Photo 9 (3018 KB): Immature rooster

Photo 10 (91 KB): Baby chicks arriving in the mail from the hatchery

Photo 11 (2704 KB): Mother hen with newly hatched chicks

Photo 12 (2921 KB): Mother hen with chicks

Photo 13 (2881 KB): Mother hen with chicks

Photo 14 (2975 KB): Mother hen with chicks

Photo 15 (2930 KB): Mother hen with chicks

Photo 16 (2865 KB): Mother hen with chicks


  1. Love the chick and chicken pis.
    I have an idea for a blog. What do you need to buy from the store?
    Are you snowed in yet?

  2. Excellent question indeed. I've wondered the same. For example, in shows like "Alaska, The Last Frontier", family members may spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gear and an airplane flight, and spends days away from home to fly to a small island and harvest one small deer. ('s just a TV show, but let's look at it academically). The money invested makes that 30 pounds of venison awful expensive.

    Thanks for the article, Patrice! Helps me think through the logic.