Monday, February 9, 2015

New ebook store!

Howdy all:

Patrice is busy washing dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner, and the weather here is keeping me from playing with my new tractor, so I decided to take this opportunity to announce our new business.

Many of you have been kind enough to purchase the few e-booklets we've offered at our-less-than-user friendly old site, Self Sufficiency (thank you!). But one of our long-term goals has been to expand both the offerings and the subject matter available. We also wanted a way for people to buy more than one item at a time.

I think we've finally got that down by using the services of an on-line shop and e-cart service available through So it is with great pride (and some anxiety – we've tested the system and it seems to work, but...) that I now announce the opening of our new e-book store:

We now have 24 inexpensive titles available, covering topics like “Moving to the Country” and “The Home Dairy,” all written by Patrice.  Each PDF booklet is lavishly illustrated and (we hope) full of useful information for those with the itch towards further self-sufficiency.  Upon check-out, an email containing links to all of the purchased booklets will be sent to the customer.

We will be adding more titles as we get them done: currently in the works are such e-booklets as Piemaking 101, Tire Gardening, Chicken Basics, and numerous preparedness-related e-booklets.

We'd love it if you, dear readers, would take a look at the new site and see if there are any additional topics that you'd like to see covered on subjects related to prepping, country living, and self-sufficiency. By way of incentive, if we use one of your suggestions for a new e-booklet, we'll make sure you get a free copy as soon as it's ready for publication.


For those of you who have the capability to help us out by sharing the site with your own readers and friends, we'd be grateful. Spread the word! Every penny earned will, for a long time, be going to tuition for Older Daughter's nanny school this summer.



  1. A suggestion: Come up with a special price for buying all the pamplets within a series. People love to get a bargain and it helps you sell more. Make it easy to purchase everything with one click of the mouse.

  2. How about a side bar Go Fund Me button or PayPal for her tuition?
    I don't need a book but would love to help her with tuition.

    1. I certainly agree! As a long time reader, I'd be more than happy to give a gift back :-)

  3. Can't wait for the tire gardening booklet. Plan to use tires for some of our raised bed gardening this spring.

  4. Don, the new store looks fantastic!


  5. I would do a beginner guide to backyard chickens myself, from eggs to meat production. A meat processing & packaging guide would be useful along with sanitary/safety in there. To me that's a big part of diy homesteading. Maybe something about how to organize? I seriously struggle with that myself. Perhaps something on gun ownership, care & cleaning? It looks really good... I'd consider lumping a few similar topics together for "package deals".

  6. How about container gardening, for growing veggies and fruits when you don't have the land, or like myself am a renter and cannot put out a garden?

  7. I have many questions about keeping a bull. We are beginner beef herd owners (about 3 years) and have a bull which hasn't been a big problem yet. But, what do I do about the potential for inbreeding with his daughters? And how long should I plan to keep him (#years)? Should I be renting him out or accepting visiting heifers here? Will he get too old to eat (and enjoy)? Is AI a better alternative for most beef herd owners? (and those are just the questions I came up with in a minute :) ).
    I think it is great about your daughter and nanny school.

  8. How about how and what you used for homeschooling your daughters. As a new home schooler I'm trying to find out what works for us, I'm constantly thinking is it enough what am i missing etc. Everything i have read about your girls i always think wow, i hooe my girls can be that way too. Does this make sence?
    What did u use to teach subjects, textbooks, online, life, etc.?
    what are you're recommendations?
    what did you choose they should learn, how did you choose?
    How did you keep the house and run their schooling?

  9. I had a small problem with ordering from the site. It was resolved in both a fast and friendly manner. (what you would expect from Patrice and Don) Both of the pamphlets that I ordered and received were well done and very interesting, I recommend them highly. From a member of the Rural Revolution community.

  10. What a great site! Didn't have time to look too much but did PINned it to pintrest in a few places. Hope that helps to get the word out. Good luck in this new venue.