Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heeeeere's Lucy!

Many of you remember last summer when we had a sweet little red heifer calf born.

Because we couldn't think of a name for her, all of you lovely readers chimed in with dozens of suggestions. We finally chose "Lucy" since, of course, she's a red-head.

Lucy is now seven months old and darling.

True to the nature of calves, she's become quite an escape artist.

I often see her where she shouldn't be. She never wanders far, though, so we're not worried.

She's become my frequent companion in the barn, where she gorges undisturbed on hay. As a result, she's fat as a butterball.

Look at that belly!

Unlike the other animals who use the awning for shelter, little Lucy uses the whole barn.

Her coloration certainly makes her stand out. I don't think we've ever had such a red heifer.

No special point to this post, just thought you might like to see some cute pix.


  1. I love Lucy!,,,cute pics.

  2. She's so cute...always love seeing the photos of life around your farm. I enjoyed the previous kitchen post with photos of your kitchen and the baked goods too. ~Cricket

  3. From another red-head . . . she's adorable!

  4. Sometimes just seeing baby animals is nice, no story or point needed,they make me smile, she is so fuzzy with her winter coat, sweet Lucy! Shannon

  5. She's beautiful! The red just adds to it, says the woman with a bright sorrel mare!

  6. She is completely gorgeous - she destined for the freezer or will you keep her to breed?

    1. We currently have four animals earmarked for the freezer, but Lucy isn't one of them. She'll be a breeder.

      - Patrice

    2. Yay - I know looks shouldn't matter, but those are some fine genes going on there. Conformation is a little hard at this age, but she does look good.

  7. She's a darling. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a WONDERFUL name!!