Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some kind words

A reader sent me the kindest note. Brought tear to my eyes. Thank you for taking the time to write it, Janet.

Patrice, once again I am indebted to you and your blog. Not just for the Cream Puffs (though I'm sure they are delicious), but for everything. Simply everything. As I log in to my PC daily I am assaulted with BAD NEWS from every angle, and I have my PC set this way so I can catch every sordid detail and remain 'on top of things' although I no longer know why this is important.

Well, I must tell you that I looked over the wealth of international bad news and bad lies waiting for me just now and I did what any sane person would do.... I jumped on over to your blog because I knew I would find a small corner of Eden. Rest for the soul. In the midst of all the worldly tremors and frights, we all need a good dose true daily life as God intended! I am comforted and uplifted to see photos of your new birthday calf (Congrats to both of you!) and your garden and canning jars and the milking stall. Thank you for providing a little bit of Heaven here on earth for us, especially in these days ahead.

As I write this, tomorrow is 9/11, and I will be spending at least some of it in prayer for our nation and what is ahead of all of us. As Elvis Presley once sang "I know not what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future, it's a secret known only to Him."

God Bless,
Janet in MA


  1. Patrice, your post is a daily hit for me. I love your wisdom, your writing, and your pictures! I also bought Simplicity Primer and gave it to a young friend of mine who needs "motherly guidance." She loved it! So you gave not only your own daughters but also a host of others inspiration to live simply by your own example. It is no small matter to do this. God bless you!

  2. Sentiments heartily echoed from me as well. This blog is one of a handful that I visit for a dose of peace of mind. Thanks from me as well.

  3. Agreed.
    Serious things are talked about here.
    But so is REAL, everyday life.
    Everyday life that offers us solid ground.
    Everyday life that we can make sense of, in a world that no longer makes sense.
    The real down to earth, moments Patrice, shares with us, can help each of us, refocus, reflect, breathe deep, and remember the things in life that are grounding, sustaining, and important.

    I too, am very appreciative of RR, the blog roll, and of all the folks that share and comment.
    I rarely comment...but I'm always reading!

    Donna G.

  4. I couldn't have said it better. Amen Janet, and thanks again to you Patrice and family for sharing with us.

  5. Janet in MA is so right.

    I read the news and about all I can do is growl and wonder "WHAT are they thinking ?".
    And then growl some more.

    Then I can come to this blog and I get to see stuff like this :


  6. Totally agree. And may we all pray for our nation tomorrow and everyday.

  7. There are a lot of us out here who feel the same way. Thanks go to Janet for putting it to words.

    This IS a great place to come and relax for a few minutes amid the hustle of an unpredictable world.

    Just Me

  8. A hearty "a-MEN" to Janet! We couldn't agree more. It's level-headed, caring, common sense people like you and your family, Patrice who make life worth living. Thank you for your hard work and consideration for others. People like you (and my wonderful wife) help me keep my feet on the ground. --Fred & Deb in AZ

  9. Agree with everyone's comments and let us #NeverForget and spend at least a moment in reflection on what this day means. I just hope future generations #NeverForget, like we havent forgotten #JFK or #WWI #WW2 #Korea #Vietnam

  10. Janet's note represents my feelings as well. She says it so perfectly.... I want to sign my name to the bottom of it along with hers. Many thanks.... you are a "first part" of my every morning too.

    May God bless his people in America and the world.

  11. Ditto!
    (Come on folks, join in!)

  12. Patrice, your blog is such a true gem.Thank you for sharing wisdom and practicality, as those are such rare things today.

  13. Very well put, Janet. And I agree with every word, Patrice. Your blog really is like a little island - a happy place in the storm. Thank you and blessings to you both.


  14. Patrice, everyone above me, and especially Janet, has said everything that I feel also. Your blog is a breath of fresh air in my sometimes hectic life. I can't thank you enough for all that you do!

    I may not comment much, but I too am here daily.


  15. I don't cook and could care less about recipes. So why do I come to this site daily? Because it's by real people about real things. It reminds me of my various, long dead family members when I was a kid growing up. I guess Patrice and her bunch are like family.


  16. Patrice, I have never posted a comment on any blog, but I too needed to thank you for your efforts. You helped inspire me to buy my own farm, and I am now living the rural life too. May God continue to bless you.

  17. Patrice, I too am grateful for your wonderful blog. This is the first comment I have ever posted on any blog, and your blog helped inspire me to buy my own farm. May God continue to bless you.

  18. I ditto everyone's comments, also! I read your blog everyday and love reading the real common sense that you share with us..Thank you and looking forward to reading more!! God bless you all!

  19. Amen sister! Your blog has shares the top in my nightly news list over many others--and it truly is an oasis in a sea of dirt.

  20. What a lovely letter, Janet. Thank you for encouraging Patrice in this way! I heartily agree! Love ya, Patrice!