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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lest we forget


  1. We can never forget, it's etched in every American's heart. A sorrow that runs so deep it penetrates every fiber of our being. Thank God for His loving arms to comfort us, this day, as each year has passes.

  2. I won't forget. I won't forget our lying President pandering to the same Muslim thugs who perpetrated this outrage. He's trying to take us to war in Syria to support them. Wake up people. At this point words fail me.


  3. God Bless the Families of the victims. I don't know if this is appropriate or not but about a week ago we went to buy a car. Into the dealership pull two young foreign men in a fancy car. Their license plate read saud 911. We were outraged! They have not forgotton either ! When I got home I googled the meaning of saud one of the definitions is fortunate.It made me sick.My God bless our country and give our leaders commonsense!

  4. For a while, no one knew what was happening. Was it a tragic accident?

    As soon as I saw the second plane go into the second building, I knew the world was changed forever.

    It was an awful moment. The worst day of my life. I'll never forget. Words won't come to me.

    Just Me

  5. I have always felt September 11th should be a "National Day of Mourning". Every business, school,& government agency should close. We should pay tribute to those who have lost their lives by an act of terrorism. We should spend one day out of our lives once a year seeking God's face. Our country would change.

  6. Hopefully someone reading this comment will wake up. LOOK at the belly of the plane in the first picture. There is NO commercial passenger plane in the world built like that. That is NOT a passenger plane. Think about it! Open your eyes and your minds!