Saturday, May 25, 2013

Inside the mouth of a grizzly

Now HERE'S a perspective you don't see every day! What does the inside of a live grizzly bear's mouth look like?

I got this link off SurvivalBlog. Apparently somebody set up a camera in Alaska to see what kind of wildlife could be filmed. A grizzly came along and mouthed the camera (surprisingly, without damaging it).

Not a perspective you see every day! Not a perspective I ever want to see in real life!


  1. YIKES!!!

    We have a family of these critters living nearby, and our woods are very dense. We always look before we step off the porch, and pay attention when the dogs get their hackles up.

    These photos would make excellent reminder posters for some of our citified visitors who sometimes forget where they are. lol


  2. Reminds me of supper time when my sons were still at home.