Friday, June 15, 2012

The Self-Reliant Homestead

Oooh, just found the coolest blog called The Self-Reliant Homestead by a fellow named Charles Sanders.

Mr. Sanders also wrote a book by the same title which I hope to review shortly.

Go take a peek. He's got stuff on gardening, wine making, farmer's markets, cooking, all kinds of neat stuff. Nice!


  1. Thank you for linking us to so many resources and fellow preppers willing to share their ideas! You and others that blog about survival offer a great and selfless service to humanity!

    This thought led me somewhat off-topic... and I'd like to pick your brain a bit. I know you and Don have accepted that to be of utmost service you cannot be 100% private regarding your location, etc. But what do you suggest that we silent preppers do to dicourage our well intentioned prepper friends from sharing the details of our prepared lifestyle/secluded homestead locale/etc.?

    Admittdly, I am op-sec "paranoid" and tend to be a wee bit private. I think back to the privacy you afforded the guy that sold you the hay. No one had to tell you that it's not cool to blab about the guys setup. I have been horrified to find that a fellow prepping friend has divulged details of our family's preps along with the ultra-secluded location of our homestead to mere aquaintences they deemed to be of similar mindset - this has happened a few times. And I've found out after meeting the aquaintence at a later time. Something like 'Oh, yeah. So-and-so told me about you. You live up such-and-such. They say you've got a nice setup, like guns, are right minding, been putting away food for what's coming.'

    Any suggestions? Gentle hasn't worked so far. I feel the person's heart is in the right place but they are the prep type living in perpetual fear of TEOTWAWKI, so desparate of building community without regard to the liability of putting everything out there.

    ***And yes, I realize it's my OWN doing for sharing and planning with someone I obviously hadn't completely vetted. :( *** ?????

  2. WONDERFUL book/author! I actually have an autographed copy that I won from a contest Mr. Saunders had on the Backwoodshome Magazine forum several years ago. I TREASURE that book as it is chock-full of terrific advice, practical solutions to homesteading problems and just plain old common sense (a rarity these days!)
    You will not be disappointed if you buy his book, trust me!
    I consider it one of my "Top Ten" homesteading books.

  3. I have often read Mr. Sanders articles in Backwoods Home Magazine also and always find them useful as we continue to become more self sufficient. Thanks for sharing.