Monday, April 16, 2012

Random pix

Some random pix from the last couple weeks.

Morning fog, just burning off.

Rain/snow squall moving across the area.

Pileated woodpecker, a large native species. Too far away, unfortunately, to crop and get a clear view... here's a pic lifted off Wikipedia. Very dramatic birds. (Loud too.)

The tail end of that earlier squall.

Compare this to a photo I took a couple weeks earlier, showing the mountains.

Some "awww" factor with Lydia.

The finished and filed support papers for our 2011 tax year. Taxes are signed and out the door!

Gas prices around April 11:

Our barn cat, perched high on a stack of hay bales. What IS it with cats and heights?

I lit a candle one evening just for atmosphere, and I liked the way it shone on these canning jars. Candles and canning jars. It's so ME, isn't it?

Our hoosier, caught in a shaft of evening sun.

Our friend GG is staying with us for two weeks during Easter break from her boarding school. On a windy afternoon the girls decided to build a temporary fort down in the pasture.

They came back to the house and fetched several baskets of goodies -- stacks of books, speakers for GG's iPod, microwave popcorn, lemonade, blankets and pillows, and other comforts.

Home away from home!

At the last minute another friend joined them.

The wind was unrelenting so the fort didn't last much longer. By the afternoon this was all that was left.

Later, Older Daughter and GG tried some archery.

Older Daughter, trying a new recipe. Delicious!

She gets her dirty-everything-in-the-kitchen genes from me.

She likes cooking but hates cleaning up. I hate cooking but don't mind cleaning up. Hmmm, I think we've got something here.

Lydia and Major, playing.

Convincing Lydia to try on a hat.

She wasn't impressed.

Pretty sunset.


  1. That awwww pic of Lydia looks more like just woke up from a nap!

  2. Love your pics. The one of the hoosier brings back fond childhood memories of my mom's in her kitchen on the farm in Illinois. She had a wonderful cook stove too that she would polish each evening useing empty was bread wrappers. Those were good times.

  3. Patrice,
    Nice random pictures. Pretty countryside where you live. I remember those days as a kid, pitching a fort type tent and spending ours reading and just having fun.

  4. Did you get your camera fixed? You recent pics look so clear and pretty (except the gas price one, that's just plain ugly! ha).

    1. No... actually, I've been borrowing Older Daughter's camera on a pretty regular basis. Poor kid...

      - Patrice

  5. Patrice,
    Love the pics - especially of the girls' fort and archery practice. The woodpeckers are definitely loud, and a LOT faster than you would think. Don't ask how I know this, because we certainly weren't trying the shoot one of them drilling into the east side of our house. Nope, not us.

  6. Cats like heights because they are predators, and not very big ones -- so being higher up gives them both an opportunity to spot potential prey, and a good vantage point for sightings of any larger (threatening) predators who might be headed their way.