Thursday, April 12, 2012

That is one sick unicorn

With Easter over but our Easter cookies still not gone, I was getting tired of having four separate containers of icing taking up room on the kitchen counter.

So I asked the girls if they minded if I combined all the colored frosting into one bowl. “Yes, but don’t mix it so thoroughly it becomes one brownish color,” instructed Younger Daughter. “Let it swirl, like tie-dye.”

So I mixed the colors into a swirl. “What do you think?” I asked Older Daughter.

She stared for a moment. “It looks like a unicorn threw up,” she said at last.

She’s right. Bad unicorn. No more cookies for you.


  1. Poor unicorn.

    My little guy (age 8) refuses to eat his chocolate bunny because he thinks it is too cute.

  2. We have that unicorn look at Christmas. I mix in some cocoa to make chocolate frosting (and to cover the color). If you have extra cookies, make sandwiches with them --- if not, we use graham crackers.

  3. Hey looky!!

    Patrice is gonna make that unicorn barf parfait thing again! And it's not even halloween....or anything...just a harmless little post-easter sweet creamy parfait..but just a little scary looking, nonetheless.

    OK I wanna bite.


    A. McSp

  4. did you know that frosting freezed very well? yep, sure does!

  5. She might want to check out this unicorn poo to complement the spew ;)

  6. I LOVE the look of those cookies. I might have to make some when I have an oven again.