Monday, April 23, 2012

Treat for a hot spring day -- orange ice cream

It suddenly got hot here in northern Idaho. And I mean hot. Today it got up to 80F which, if you're not used to it, is roasting. That's why I like Idaho, you see -- where 80F is roasting. (Where we used to live, 115F was roasting. Literally.)

So it was the perfect day to make ice cream. A neighbor gave us this "cheating" recipe ("cheating" because it's made with all store-bought ingredients instead of fresh eggs, fresh cream, etc.). Despite the fake ingredients, it has turned into one of our favorites treats. It tastes exactly like orange creamsicles.

Start with a can of sweetened condensed milk and a tub of fake whipped cream (Cool Whip or its equivalent).

To this add a liter of orange soda pop. (That's one liter, not the whole two-liter bottle).

I use about half a bag of ice. I have to smash it up a bit or else the canister won't turn in our older ice-cream maker.

Snug the canister into the tub. We got this old ice-cream maker for $5 at a thrift store years ago, and it works like a charm. (Powered by electricity, BTW.)

Half the crushed ice, packed around the canister.

Adding rock salt...

The rest of the ice, some more salt, and it's ready to go.

Fitting the motor on top.

I let it churn for half an hour.

Right now it's very very soft...

...but that doesn't keep the kids from digging right in!

I made two batches and put them in the big freezer to harden. If this weather keeps up, I might be making more very soon!

Oops, never mind. The weather is supposed to turn cooler and rainy... more like a typical April in these parts.


  1. Boy, that brings back memories. Good post.

  2. This reminds me of being a kid! Please forgive me for going off topic here. I've been lurking on several blogs for a few years and after seeing your new e-guides finally needed to find the courage to ask for help. I have started a small food storage program but am having problems with bottled lemon juice. I have a couple of bottles of "real lemon" brand juice, the plastic bottles have almost collapsed and the color has turned a nasty brown. Do you have any advise or is there a substitute for lemon juice in canning recipes that is more shelf stable? Thank you for all you do for us novices. Junebug

    1. Junebug, you might try canning your own fresh lemon juice. Depending on where you are, you might be able to pick up fresh lemons and extract the juice, then can in SMALL jars (say, half-pint jelly jars). If this is your preferred route, there are some nice instructions here:

      However for a general long-term (and shelf-stable) acidifier, get some citric acid. It's available in bulk (as opposed to those little plastic containers) fairly cheaply at almost any health food store. Citric acid not only acts as an acidifier in canning, but it's also used in cheesemaking (notably mozzarella cheese) so it's a good overall ingredient to have around.

      I have about two pounds of citric acid in my pantry and wouldn't mind getting another couple of pounds for storage. A little goes a long way.

      - Patrice

  3. OOOOHHH My step daughter is allergic to store bought icecream and sherbert. I bet she will love this... Thanks a bunch

  4. I have to chuckle at 80 being in the deep south- that is a VERY pleasant day! :) (love the blog)

  5. It was 93 here today..and after seeing this I had to go buy the ingredients so we can make the ice cream tomorrow