Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome to our newest advertiser!

I'd like to extend a hearty welcome to Sharon's Country Store, our newest advertiser!

Located right here in northern Idaho (in Bonner's Ferry, up near the Canadian border), this is a little bit of Amish territory in the Inland Northwest. (In fact, some of their products are Amish made.) Sharon's carries everything for those interested in homesteading, prepping, the domestic arts, living off-grid, and other matters of self-sufficiency and sustainability. They have bulk foods, spices, gluten-free products, kitchenware, and other nifty items.

On top of that, Sharon's offers everything you'd need for the calm oasis that is our home -- coffees and teas, jams and jellies, fabrics and sewing supplies, candies, meats, cheese, you name it.

I mean honestly... this place has it ALL. Check out their toys, folks!

Since (relatively speaking) these folks are so close, I intend to swing through and visit them some time in early May. You can bet I'll take lots of photos and meet Sharon in person. But in the meantime, visit her store and enjoy!


  1. Shipping is crazy expensive!

  2. I am so excited! I am moving next month, and will be less than 90 minutes from her store. We have nothing like that where I am now, but have enjoyed country stores like that when we were in PA and OH. Now I have one more thing to look forward to!

  3. The restaurant next to the store (run by the same folks) has the best homemade doughnuts, fry pies and sandwiches. We have to stop in whenever we go to Bonner's Ferry!

  4. Thank you, Patrice for your kind words, we look forward to meeting you! Sharon

  5. Hey neighbors! We are frequent visitors at Sharon's Country Store. Their products are just the best. They have a deli that beats the big stores in quality AND price.

    I think they're Mennonite though. ;-)