Friday, October 18, 2019

Millennials trying to farm

Reader Ken sent this. Cracked me up.

This is a parody from the YouTube channel of a fifth-generation Minnesota farming family. Their video page, called Millennial Farmer, depicts the reality of farm life. I'll have to explore this page more thoroughly.


  1. It's so real that I can't even watch it.

  2. Good one. Hopefully hipster boy will be rewarded with a trophy for participation. It will help him feel better about failure.
    Montana Guy

  3. My kid came in from the barn and said "Dad, the lights are lit on that... green... thing... in the barn." I said "What; you mean the TRACTOR???" He said "I guess that what that thing is..."

    In his defense, we only recently moved to our ranchito from a lot barely big enough for a lawnmower. Still; how can a boychild go from birth to 21 without knowing what a TRACTOR is? HOLY HANNA!

    ...God. please take me, as I've heard it all...

    1. Your son does not know what a tractor is? Or perhaps he was never taught what a tractor is?
      Montana Guy

  4. Yeah, funny, but way too true. Really, I've met them. They make my teeth hurt.

  5. I have an really hard time understanding how these people can even dress themselves in the morning. Way to true! But me thinks a real dose of reality might help, lets say 6 months or so of life without electricity to power their social media fetish and keep their safe spaces cool or warm, and the warm glass of milk before retiring for the night in mommys basement..... And these are what is going to inherit the earth...... oh brother, are we in trouble....

  6. I will beat the boy not knowing what a tractor is. I went to Target and bought some apples. At the check the young man working the register said I know this is a dumb question but are those peaches or pears. Thank goodness he prefaced it with this is a dumb question because otherwise I would have laughed and figured he was joking. He wasn’t.

  7. I'll show you the future of Millennial Farming!

    It's the "FarmBot Genesis XL", and I'm not going to link to it -- use your Super Wonder Google Twins Powers and activate.

    With it you get some automated stuff that is limited to setting up a micro-farm within a 3 x 6 metre area, but that's OK.

    That's because you can play with your farm on your phone via their Web app!

    Also, these people up-front tell you that if you intend to use it for commercial farming, they actually want even more money than the $4k for the kit. Maybe that's for support, but maybe that's also for greed, so maybe split the difference and call it greedy support.

    Now imagine your tire garden with roughly $100k of kit hanging over it ... but you can play with your farm on your phone!

    So Millennial.

  8. I teach high school agriculture, and this isn't too far off the mark. Even in a relatively rural area, it is an uphill battle trying to teach these kids anything about agriculture. I have literally had students who don't know where food comes from beyond knowing that it comes from the grocery store and is delivered by truck. They practically have meltdowns when you tell them they can't have their phone out and that they are failing your class because they won't work.
    Between all of that and the extremely liberal policies of the school system, I can't see myself doing this for too much longer. When I feel that I am not able to make a difference by teaching them real world productive skills I will make my exit.