Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A happy couple

We're expecting a small package from UPS. Don received an email confirmation this morning as follows:

Read the description: "UPS driver delivering a package to a happy couple."


To anyone who works for UPS, is this standard practice? Does UPS make cryptic notes to alert drives to, say, a vicious dog or other information of interest?

Regardless, we're flattered by the notation. A happy couple indeed.


  1. Pretty funny. It now makes me wonder what shows up on my deliveries...

    1. Same here! Am I the woman with no makeup wearing shorts and green rubber boots?

  2. That is alt text to describe what should be showing in the stock image that didn’t load.

  3. Yup, the Anon above is right, if you look in the top left corner of that box you'll see a "broken image" icon (the same icon is where the UPS logo would be in the top left of the screenshot). I actually have a package pending from UPS, and can confirm that the image that normally shows in that space is an image of a cheerful looking (white, female) UPS driver handing off a package to a cheerful looking (black, male & female) couple with child.

  4. I don't know if UPS emails when there is a package delivery and I will never know. I delete all emails except those I know for sure are legit. I would have deleted this email without a second thought about it.

  5. I‘m guessing spam, hopefully not a worm or virus if you click. We never receive notice from UPS, only from the actual seller.

  6. Oh Patrice ...

    It's time for more IT security stuff, this time for your mail! :-)

    If you're using Thunderbird, and you probably are because it's very popular, there are some tweaks and plug-ins you need to know about.

    First of all, viewing mail in HTML mode by default is intrinsically dangerous: read this representative but not terribly unique take on why HTML in mail is dangerous, and if you're still not convinced, do a DuckDuckGo search and look for more reasons.

    So what do you do about this?

    Install "Allow HTML Temp" in Thunderbird and that will give you a way to toggle HTML viewing:

    There is a version that will work for every Thunderbird release from version 2.0 to version 66.0 and perhaps also more recent versions.

    Installing that isn't enough, however, because then you need to turn off HTML mail viewing by default.

    Go to the "Config Editor" in Thunderbird and make sure these values (or values for your particular version of Thunderbird) are set:

    mailnews.display.html_as = 1
    mail.default_html_action = 1

    Unless you are in the habit of sending HTML mail, you may also want to change all of the parameters in this form to the boolean value "false":

    mail.identity.idNUM.compose_html = false

    where NUM is a numeric value that starts with 1 and increases for each E-mail account you have.

    Thunderbird 68.0+ enables some of these security tweaks by default for plain text attachments, HTML in mail, etc., but if you want to be sure, do this as well.

    Documentation for these settings may be found at the Mozilla Thunderbird project page for mail settings.

    Once you do this stuff and restart Thunderbird, any E-mail with HTML in it can only be viewed in HTML format by right clicking the message and selecting whether you want HTML only or HTML with images.

    I don't view any mail in HTML mode unless it's absolutely critical to viewing a message that I need to view, and I suggest you do the same.

    I've seen these "happy couple" messages for a while now but I've never actually looked at the happy couple, and that's because doing so would allow any Web tracker images in the E-mail to function.

    So if at all possible, don't do that.