Sunday, October 13, 2019

Comes with the house

This is our latest barn cat.

We call him Simba because he looks like a lion. He's one of four or five adult cats someone abandoned in a nearby rental. The other cats gradually disappeared -- presumably picked off by coyotes -- but Simba seems to have adopted us.

We can't bring him with us when we move (Don's allergic to indoor cats, and Darcy does everything in his power to kill him) so he'll stay with the house.

It's clear Simba used to be an indoor cat. He often sits by our front door (which drives Darcy nuts), silently asking to come in.

But we can't let him or we'll have a dead cat (and a sneezing husband). However he's becoming a fine shop cat and is an incredible mouser. An unbelievable mouser, in fact.

Don made a nice cozy box for him in the shop, complete with comfy blankie piled on top a hot pad set on low during colder weather. Simba already knows where to go during chilly temperatures.

Simba will be a credit to whomever buys the house. After all, every farm needs a good barn cat.


  1. The people coming after you will be lucky to have a built in mouser.

  2. He's a nice Kitty. Most likely he'd like to curl up on a lap and sleep. I pray who ever comes next will be kind to Simba. Red

  3. I just love come with the house things, but this one is even better than the come with the house things we got, it's clear Simba doesn't seem to mind dogs, given he's wanting to brave Mr. Darcy's territory, def good to have a built in mouser as well.

  4. Couldn't you give him to someone who'd let him inside? I feel bad.

  5. Ahhh. I wish we could adopt him. What a cutie.

  6. What a magnificent cat. Very kind of you to supply him heated sleeping quarters. I would snatch him up in a heartbeat! -Karla

  7. With winter right around the corner, perhaps you can give him to someone who loves cats and will keep him warm and safe inside their home. There is no guarantee whoever buys your home will be as kind as you or someone else who is willing to adopt. Just a thought.