Sunday, October 20, 2019

Come see Don's new blog!!

If there's one thing my husband is known for, it's his opinions. He has a lot to say -- and finally decided the best place to say it is on a blog.

Therefore I'm pleased to introduce "The Daily Malcontent."

Don's biggest limitation on writing is he's a two-fingered typist. He overcomes this by sheer orneriness (and the occasional use of voice dictation software) and plans to post something at least every day (as well as a his famous/infamous humor pieces weekly).

Additionally, Don is "coming out of the closet" with a Big Reveal: He is none other than Pat McLene, whose prepper columns were prominently featured on WND for several years. He will be reprinting and updating some of those columns over time.

I hope everyone will bookmark his site, subscribe to his RSS feed, and follow him on a regular basis. He's good!


  1. Just went over there for a look-see and bookmarked it. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I am glad that this has come up. I have thought for quite sometime that you and Don should collaborate on a book dealing with homesteading. Lots of subject matter there and a ton of humor to boot. I will for sure bookmark this one.

  3. Oh please. He's long winded and wordy. Needs a good editor. Get to the point already. The blog world isn't WorldNutDaily.

  4. Then exercise your right to not read it.

  5. Hey, it's been a long time coming. I look forward to Don's new blog.

  6. Looks interesting, but you're cuter.--ken

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  8. Let's try this again. I'll throw a LINK up on my blog

    1. Aw, I thought the first version was pretty funny. Either way, thank you.

      - Patrice

  9. I LIKE it a lot! have it bookmarked! Who knew Don has such a good sense of humor, lol! Following RR for many years, and reading Don's blog, I see now just how strong your relationshp is and how it has survived for so long.