Friday, March 27, 2015

Random pix

It's been awhile since I put up a collection of random pix, so here you go.

In early February, a light dusting of snow covered a bench normally tucked on the porch.

Drippings from the barn roof also created mini-icicles on some cattle panels below.

Steamy breath on a frosty morning.

Lydia basking in some winter sunshine.

Matilda peeking at little Ninja, gavotting around the barn...

...and later, like Lydia, basking in the winter sunshine.

A crescent moon and planet.

And just for fun, the same photo with automatic color adjustment. I was actually impressed with how many stars showed up. Maybe I should try a little more night photography.

Early early dawn shadows of the house and barn, stretching westward.

Chickens basking in the winter sunshine.

Dramatic afternoon clouds.

Here's Sparky (black) along with her yearling calf Dusty (on the right) and this-year calf Lucy (on the left). What color calf will Sparky produce next?

A thin sheet of ice on the pond...

...and some fuzzing cattails.

Little Ninja enjoying some winter sunshine

Lydia in a remarkably cat-like pose, with her paws tucked underneath.

Very cute.

Ninja cuddles in the hay on a chilly morning.

Chuck still sneaks drinks from a patient Polly.

Dirty water tank.

Clean water tank. (That's a tank heater inside, to keep the water from freezing.)

Appreciative cows.


I think the potatoes are trying to tell us something.

"It's spring! Plant us!"

Brit, resting.

Remember the phrase "the grass is always greener...?" Well apparently it also means the hay is always tastier on the other side of the feed box.

Sorry for all the Ninja shots, but he's so durn irresistible!


Here's patient Sparky doing double-duty with this year's calf (Lucy) and last year's calf (Dusty).

Incoming snow flurry.

Just hanging around.

When the mud dried out, we put Shadow and Ninja down in the woods with the rest of the beasties so he could meet his herdmates.

Even dominant cows are very respectful of a baby's youth. Always nice to see.

I think I'll start keeping a "running tally" of random shots since I always seem to have some. These are from a few weeks ago when the weather was a bit cooler, and before Hector was born.


  1. Visiting your site reminds me of spending a morning shopping in a frenzied big box store, and then finally the deed done, being able to stop in and visit awhile in a friendly little country store on the way home. A big heave with a sigh of a relief to visit here...

  2. I second what Anon at 6:39pm shared!
    Ouida Gabriel

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos......I can live vicariously through them!
    Is there something on the black cow's side in the picture entitled "Appreciative Cows"? Or am I seeing an optical illusion?

    Fran in CT

  4. I always love pics of your animals, Patrice. Your photographs ooze your love and care for them.

  5. WOW, you have very nice photography skills!!!! I really want to take night/start pictures with my camera. What kind of camera do you have? Thanks for sharing, love the farm life pictures! :)

  6. Your homestead sure looks peaceful!

  7. The enhanced moon picture reminds me of the Cheshire Cat!

  8. We call that moon Gods fingernail.

  9. We call that moon Gods fingernail.