Monday, March 9, 2015

Product review photos

I am submitting a product review to Backwoods Home Magazine for a gizmo called a Haywire Klamper. The following photographs are for purposes of illustration so the editor can pick which ones she wants to use in the review.

Photo 1: Haywire Klamper kit

Photo 2: Broken handle of our hayfork

Photo 3: Sample loop of wire

Photo 4: Sample loop of wire

Photo 5: Measuring the wire

Photo 6: Wire loop

Photo 7: Looping wire around handle

Photo 8: Loop of wire around handle

Photo 9: Threading wire into Haywire Klamper

Photo 10: Notched foot of Haywire Klamper

Photo 11: Bracing notched foot against loop of wire

Photo 12: Turning handle to tighten the wire

Photo 13: Notched foot braced against loop of wire during tightening

Photo 14: Using pliers to snug loop wires closer

Photo 15

Photo 16: As the wire tightens, the crack in the handle disappears

Photo 17: Bending the wire to lie flat against the wood handle

Photo 18: Nipping off the extra wire ends

Photo 19: Gently tapping down wire ends to lie flat against wood handle

Photo 20: Completed wire repair

Photo 21: Long cracks require two single loops


  1. Don glues wood together for a living....why no glue in the joint before pressure applied?

  2. I purchased 3 of these gadgets quite some time ago. Gave one each to 2 sons and kept one. I subsequently used the gadget on a fiberglass garden fork handle and thus far everything is great. Beats trying to find another handle and an easy repair!
    I would recommend it for every barn or basement.

  3. I don't know, a solution in search of a problem that you still have a cracked handle on a farm implement? It would be more prudent and safer having a new handle put on. They are not that expensive and hard to do. I wouldn't buy this repair kit, wouldn't waste my money and time. You still will have to replace that handle eventually.

  4. My Don got one of those recently after seeing it in Countryside Magazine. Don't know if he's used it yet though. Nancy

  5. What, no WiFi connection? :)

  6. We bought 3 of these as well, gave two away and kept one. Wonderful product, works wonders on all kinds of stuff. I also would recommend it.

  7. I have seen something similar used on hoses. They used something similar also in ww2 on hydraulic hoses in aircraft.

    John in South Dakota

  8. When I was a kid we used black electrical tape when we cracked our baseball bats...