Monday, August 11, 2014

More Dreamwire Designs

If you remember, our young friend GG has started a wire jewelry business making some amazing designs. Her focus is chokers, necklaces, circlets, and earrings. She does some amazing things with simple wire and beads, things which I find jaw-droppingly beautiful.

GG has some new items available on her Etsy site. Consider these:

A red-beaded Tree of Life.

Copper choker.

Gondorian-inspired chandelier earrings.

Clever dragonfly earrings.

A history buff, GG has been experimenting with Tudor-style head pieces. Here's Ann Bolyn:

Jane Seymour:

There are lots more beautiful things at GG's Etsy shop. Please go take a look!


  1. These are truly artful and creative. I love the tiaras.

    Just Me

  2. FYI, that should be Etsy, not Esty.