Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book hangover

A friend sent this. It couldn't be more true!


  1. Yeah. Been there. Never bothered with the other kind of hangover, but Book Hangovers and I are very well acquainted indeed. :)

  2. I once started reading a book on the Manhattan project during WW2. It was so good that I finally stopped at 5 AM just as the sun started to come up. The only reason I stopped was I could no longer focus on the print. The other was expedition by Jerry D Young. That was a PDF and it was so long and good that I spent almost 1 week on it. This is from a person that would read a normal paper back in 3 hours or so. I would highly recommend Jerry's books as they are always very good and have all sorts of lessons for TEOTWAWKI fiction. He has them on Amazon, most are 99 cents each. Expedition is $10 and worth every penny!

  3. I could use a few more hangovers like that in my life. Sigh....

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, AK

  4. I can think of two book hangovers I've had lately. One was for Pournelle and Niven's "Lucifer's Hammer" and the other was for Dan Brown's "Inferno."

    Wow. I had such a great time with each of those books.

    Just Me

  5. LOL, I've had so many book hangovers since I was a kid...they are the best kind of hangover...

  6. Wish I'd known the name - would have been so much easier to explain.