Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter wonderland

It's been snowing like mad all morning, transforming our neck of the woods into a winter wonderland.

Took this photo Saturday while dropping a friend of Younger Daughter's back at her home.

On the way back, we passed a deer carcass out in a field, with ravens and a bald eagle eating.

Unfortunately they flew off before I could get a clear shot, but here's a closer version.

And even closer (cropped) -- very blurry.

And just taking off.

Anyway, this is what the landscape looked like this morning when daylight dawned.

In this kind of weather, Major really stands out!

Cattle panels, covered in the white stuff.

Corral gate from the outside...

...and from the inside.

I don't think the cattle think much of the weather...

...though at least it's not cold (about 30F).

Every branch was laden down.

As was our old tractor.

But it sure is pretty!

The snow keeps sliding off the roof. Right now we have huge mounds we have to climb over, directly under the eaves.

Don shoveled a path to the shop.

This is the hood of our car, with a yardstick standing upright.

About seven inches at the time I took this photo.

Looks like we won't be going anywhere for awhile!


  1. Patrice,

    Boy, you sure did get alot of snow. I love all of your pictures. Hunker down, stay warm, you have everything you could possibly need to not have to go out in that snow anytime soon. Except to feed and water the animals :-)

    Enjoy! It looks so beautiful there.

  2. Beautiful! Wondering why you leave the tractor to sit out in the snow? Wouldn't all the parts last longer if under cover for the winter when not in use?

  3. It looks so beautiful! But God gives us the misery of winter so we will better appreciate the beauty of spring.
    Just snuggle up to the fire and enjoy the family time.

  4. Wonderful photos!
    I miss the snow, but not the cold.
    Stay warm!

  5. Your blurry bald eagle pic is still better than any bald eagle pic I've taken in the wild. Thanks for sharing. What a great sight to see.

  6. I like to see a nice thick layer of snow like that - back here in the midwest we are having a warming spell and are in that muddy, messy, ugly melt time between the outside looking nice and snowy and nice and non-snowy.
    I wish I had the snow you had! Enjoy it.

  7. I truly do enjoy seeing your nature pictures. Stay safe and warm.

    Meanwhile, we're having typical Central Texas winter--mid-fifties and rain :-)