Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Farm living

A friend sent this. Gave me a chuckle.


  1. I could hang a similar sign outside of my neighbors house. I could just replace the words "farm" and "animals" for "civil engineer"


  2. In my town, for many, many years, there was a large ostrich farm. Well, developers bought the surrounding land and built fancy houses. The residents all started complaining about the smell of the farm. Guess who got ran off of his property, that's right, you guessed it, the ostrich farmer. Where was that sign when he needed it? Although this is California, where people want what they want, and they use the court system to get it.

    1. This happened to a chicken rancher in the CA county I grew up in, too. He left the buildings to rot and for the next 30 years the snobby neighbors had to live next door to a real "eyesore". The county did pass an ordinance to protect existing uses from developments shortly after the chicken ranch incident.

  3. I would like to know the story behind the sign!

  4. O my gosh, that is great! Bet they have had a battle with neighbors to prompt it being there. Crazy what folks expect!

  5. If only a sign like that would stop encroachment of farms.
    Thanks for sharing with us. :o)

  6. I love the sign.
    Those of us who have livestock realize that they do not come odor free. That is why we live outside the city, and when city folk move in the area, they can love it or move back where they came from.

    If the owner of this wonder sign does not mind in a smaller version I would like to post it along our property with a note the road is on our land, and it is not a freeway. They also drive like they are on the interstate. Sometimes I feel like getting out my ball and jacks but leave the jacks on the road and save my ball for the critters. Wish the "Green Acres" folks would just stay where they belong.