Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sunny but COLD

We awoke this morning to clear skies and bitter cold.

Every surface was covered with hoarfrost.

We watched the sun creep up and touch the tops of the trees.

Everything was frozen.

And beautiful.

The sun shone through the hoarfrost like a zillion diamonds.

Meanwhile Lydia sat in the yard and ate snow, the silly dog.

In weather like this we keep the woodstove going all night. It's nice to come down to a warm house in the morning.

The cold temps aren't supposed to last. The temps are rising later in the week, and we may even lose most of our snow cover.


  1. I just love that pooch of yours :-)

  2. My Apollo does that. He ADORES snow. Take him out first thing in the morning and before he'll even pee he has to stop, flop onto his back and wallow around in the snow.

  3. How is the new pond doing?
    Presumably the surface is frozen but do you know how far down it's frozen?
    Can you still use it to water the cattle?

  4. We also live in the woods and mountains but we live on the dry side of the Cascades a couple hundred miles from you. -9 last night and 35 degrees inside the house this morning. Unlike you I will not keep a fire going while I sleep. I don't mind the cold in the morning but it sure is nice after the fire gets going and the temps get up to the 50's.

  5. Hoarfrost is our reward for living in frigid climes. It turns me into a giggling child.

    Outstanding photos. Especially the one of the extra tall trees! Wow.

    Just Me

  6. Yesterday it was 8 degrees when I went to work - it was so cold I had ice on the INSIDE of my windshield, not just the outside!

  7. Is that a shrike in your top photo? We don't see them in the Willamette Valley. It has been very cold here as well, but only down to 20 at night.
    Keep warm.

  8. Our area looks like that after a very cold night with fog. Beautiful. We have been having lows in the -teens and our highs have been in the mid teens. Much colder than has been our usual for the last 4 winters. I did hear it is warming up, our low last night was -5*. Keep those fires burning!

  9. Lovely!

    Sorry that you guys get chemtrails (third photo, in progress; fourth and fifth photos, done and spreading) as we do here in So Cal.

  10. Saw the temperature gauge above zero in your first photo and it reminded me of the time I lived in Missoula in the early 80's. When we went through the Siberian express it was minus 70 due to the wind chill. I worked for an insurance company at that time the doors were opening an closing all day long, even with heaters under our desks it was still cold, when it hit zero we started signing "Tropical Heat Wave".

    Loved the photos, thanks for the memories.