Friday, January 25, 2013

Random pix

As a break from the rather intense discussions that have been taking place on this blog for the last few days -- whew! -- I thought I'd post some random pix from the last couple of weeks. Take a deep breath, folks, and enjoy the scenery.

Left over Christmas shots. I liked the look of the ornaments in front of the bookshelf.

Lydia in her "cave" behind the Christmas tree.

Another cave -- under the piano.

Taking down the Christmas tree. Lydia, of course, parked herself in the midst of the activity, the better to get pets.

Packing away the beauty for another year.

Turkeys on a neighbor's pasture, cleaning up after their horses' leftover hay.

A friend had this posted in her office.

A snowy field, criss-crossed by deer tracks.

Morning sun shining through hoarfrost.

A red-shafted flicker. They're all over the place in winter. This one has been eating the berries off the Virginia creeper vine on our front porch. These guys can cause a tremendous amount of damage to buildings. They're handsome, though.

Canada geese overhead.

Major, melded into his couch.

Our horse Brit says hello.

A field along the highway, just at sunset. I liked the shadows.

I didn't realize later that this photo has a distant deer. Can you find her?

Here she is.

Chicken shots.

Looking casual.


Pink dawn with turkeys. This lighting only lasted a few minutes.

A gibbous moon next to a planet. Jupiter?

Early one morning, the fog turned pink just for a few moments. I caught just the tail end of it.


Lydia in "jail." She wanted into the front room so she could lie by the woodstove. But the front room is Major's territory, and HE wanted the woodstove. (The dogs conflict in the house, so they stay on opposite sides of the gate unless Major's on his couch.)

Fortunately they get along fine in the yard.

Coming home from Spokane late one afternoon, we found ourselves behind a schoolbus on the last legs of dropping off some rural children. I thought it made for charming photos, watching these kids walk to their houses way off on the prairie.



  1. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)January 26, 2013 at 2:58 AM

    Beautiful pictures, Patrice. So much beauty abounds in your life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. AAAHH. Thanks Patrice, after last week I needed that. Best descriptive word? Tranquility...

  3. Your pictures of Lydia always make me smile!

  4. Brit the horse is quite photogenic.

    Does your family ride her, or is she retired?

  5. (At last look, "Simmering with Resentment" was at 103 comments! Holy Moly, that's gotta be some kind of record.)

    What a nice break to look at some lovely photos of your corner of the world.

    Just Me

  6. ... unless Major's on HIS couch ?
    Ya just gotta love dogs.

    - Charlie

  7. Ah yes, the flickers. About ready to bb a couple of them that have decided tear the trim off of our covered porch! GRRR. I did not mind them eating the "ugly bugs" (stink bugs) but shredding the only wood on our house is not making me happy with them.

  8. I'm always surprised at how much Lydia looks like her sister Bella. It seems they both love sleeping in the house. Two lucky little girls I think.