Friday, December 28, 2012

Winging its way to Alaska

I should have put this post up immediately, but we've been busy. However I wanted to assure everyone that every cent of your donations to the Jenny Lamb fundraiser have already winged their way to Alaska.

The day after Christmas, I made plans to go into Spokane to transfer the funds to Jenny's account at Key Bank. Wisely my husband called the bank in advance (to make sure of the procedure) only to learn that that branch of Key Bank had been shut down, and the nearest branch was now a three-hour drive away.

Ooookay. That wasn't going to work.

So instead he called our local bank -- where the Paypal funds had been deposited -- and asked if we could somehow transfer the funds to Key Bank, as long as we had the correct account number and the routing number. Our bank said yes, so I took off for the 45-minute drive to the county seat where our bank is located.

On the way I saw lots of geese hanging around the frozen edges of the lake, with coots farther out on the water.

I wanted to photograph everything I could (without giving away any personal data) in order to reassure those who entrusted us with their donations, that everything went to Jenny.

We received one non-Paypal donation (a check) in the generous amount of $200, so I deposited that into the account along with all the Paypal donations. That way the bank could wire the combined amount straight to Jenny's account.

Here's the total amount wired: $2026.24.

The banker typed in all the correct routing and account numbers, then handed me the papers to confirm she had input everything correctly.

Then I put my John Hancock on it, and that was it! The money was wired that afternoon and was deposited in Jenny's account by no later than yesterday morning.

Once again, allow me to offer a profound and grateful THANKS on Jenny's behalf for everyone's contributions. While it arrived a day too late to be an official Christmas present, I'm certain it helped to brighten the first Christmas without her husband.


  1. Great news. I don't do PayPal but dropped by the local Wells Fargo branch the Thursday before Christmas with a couple of bucks.
    Hope things work out for her and the children.

  2. That is wonderful! :D I hope it helps her bridge the gap, so to speak. Thank you for giving us all the chance to help her and her boys.

  3. It's been many years. How are Jenny and the kids doing? I haven't seen any content on her blog since Chuck died.

  4. It's been many years and I haven't seen any content on Jenny's blog since Chuck died. How are she and the kids doing?

    1. I don't know. We stayed in touch for a few years and then I lost track of her. Last I heard she was in Virginia, but that's all I know.

      - Patrice