Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Note the date.

The nerd in me just had to point this out. It's the last time this century we'll have a repetitive calendar date like this.

Unless you count next year, of course, when we'll have 11-12-13....


  1. You forget that we have obama and he may add a 13th month so that he can get more good things done next year.

  2. I was happy all day just because of the date. It just made me happy no matter how grumpy people where at work. And it even made people laugh(the grumpy ones) when I would say "Be grumpy all you want I like today's date and it makes me happy". And I will like next years date of 11/12/13 too-it's my birthday, so another series of numbers just to make happy!!:)

  3. Saw a funny tweet in regards to this, the tweet states:
    "Stop saying 12/12/12 only happens once in a lifetime. Every date only happens once in a lifetime. That's how time works."

  4. Just had the same thought not five minutes ago. Up next, TEOTWAWKI on the 21st. I regard the Mayan calendar thing as purist hokum, valuable only to reveal the weak-minded, wherever they lurk, but I have to say that lately, as I read the news I can't help but wish just a bit that there were some shred of truth. Need to clear out the underbrush.

    Jeff - Tucson

  5. Don't forget at 12 seconds after 12:12 12-12-12.

    Just how many people did get married today, I wonder; and how many will last?

    Your post made me smile. :)