Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update on Jenny Lamb fundraiser

For all who have been wondering about how the fundraiser is going for Jenny Lamb of The Last Frontier blog (whose husband was tragically killed in mid-October), you'll be pleased to know that we've raised over $1500!

I've been emailing Jenny (whenever she's close to an internet connection) and she gave me permission to post some additional info as follows:

I am more thankful than you realize. My husband, Chuck was a hunting guide, and died shortly after the fall hunts before he was paid. When the outfitter he worked for found out that Chuck died, he refused to pay me. We were counting on living on that money for the upcoming year! But, God has been providing for us. We have already received so much. Several people have offered to purchase various things for our house we're building, such as the roofing, stove pipes, or come out to do the work to finish it. That, along with the donations will be much more than my husband earned from that outfitter... God bless you and your family, and all those who have blessed us.

When I expressed outrage at this news, Jenny added some additional information in a later email:

In all fairness to the outfitter Chuck worked for, I just received an email from him saying that he has [very reluctantly] decided to pay me the entire amount. He said he would deliver it to the air taxi where we get our mail, but he has not yet done so. We'll see. I had filed an official complain with the professional licensing division, and they have been diligent in trying to get him to pay, although they cannot force it. I had also told so many people that he was getting phone calls from folks around the state asking him to pay. If this doesn't work, I'll go to the Dept. of Labor, and file a complain with the Guide Board. They can't make him pay, either, but complaints hurt his reputation, and will be a pain in the neck to him.

Friends in the interior of AK have invited us to spend Christmas and New Year's with them, so we're heading into town next week. Some other folks who have been planning to come out to help me learn to cut trees, maintain the equipment, etc, live kind of remote, and have invited us to spend a couple of months with them so that I can learn those skills without the pressure to master everything during the week or so they can visit me. In some ways I feel like a failure for doing that, but I think it will be very helpful in the long run.

Thank you all again. My words are so inadequate. I pray that, when I get back on my feet, I'll be in a position to bless others as much as I have been blessed through this tragedy.

I hope all of you wonderful, generous readers have an inkling of how much your prayers and donations mean to this woman and her two young boys.

We plan to keep the fundraiser open until December 21 (this upcoming Friday), after which time we'll transfer the funds to Jenny's bank in Alaska.

We hope it will help mitigate, to some small degree, the first Christmas she'll experience without her husband. God bless you all for your help.


  1. I can only offer prayers, so it's good to read there are some who can help. I did send the info to a friend of mine in Alaska, he may be able to help in some fashion.

  2. (not in the Christmasy spirit today)

    Oh seriously. What kind of "man" stiffs a widow and her children of her husband's last pay check.

    I certainly hope his name slips out. . . wouldn't want to do business with that kind. (not that the internet goes viral or anything.)

    Hopefully some pressure shames him into doing the right thing. . . being an honest man.

  3. Patrice,
    Perhaps your readers might be able to log more complaints against that outfitter. I know I would be willing to do so...if I had a name and necessary info.
    North Country

  4. Two thoughts:

    Have you thought of filing in a small claims court. You don't need a lawyer to do that.

    What about contacting your local newspaper. It's a good story.

  5. How did her husband die? I realize it doesn't really matter, but I wondered.

  6. Oh my, I hadn't heard!!! Jenny and I exchanged a few emails a year or so ago and she was so helpful with my questions. My heart hurts for her!

  7. I thought this name sounded so familiar.

  8. Hi, Patrice,
    We would like to contribute a bit but do not do PayPal. Got another option (like a Fed-Ex'd share draft--cashier's check)? Tried to email you about this (and a couple of other things, Rob tried too), but they all bounced.
    As Heather stated so well above, my heart hurts for Jenny, and she/her family has/have been added to the personal and the family prayer list.

    1. You might try this: a SurvivalBlog link had another way to donate, as copied below.

      "A follow-up on the tragic accidental death of Chuck Lamb (the husband of Jenny of The Last Frontier blog.) A Special Memorial Fund has been set up by Wells Fargo bank, to benefit Jenny and her two young sons. The account number is 734869135. It is in the name "Chuck Lamb Donation Account". You can make a donation via any Wells Fargo Bank branch."

      Thank you for your prayers for her, I'm certain she's extremely grateful.

      - Patrice

  9. Thanks, Patrice. Will look into this.


  10. whatever happen to Jenny Lamb? You do not hear anything about her on her blog. Are they doing well?