Friday, December 21, 2012

Donations closed

We have closed the window of opportunity here at Rural Revolution to donate to the Jenny Lamb fundraiser. Due to your generosity, we have accumulated $1826.24 !!!!!!!!!!

[UPDATE: I just returned from town where I checked our P.O. box... and found a check for Jenny from a reader in the amount of $200!! This brings our grand total to $2026.24!!]

Don and I have made our personal donation too, of course; and we're also donating all the money received from any recent purchases of my canning ebooklets. We're also donating (so to speak) the Paypal fees associated with the fundraiser.

Don has already transferred the money to our personal bank account. It will take a few days for that transfer to go through. (We took screenshots and have a paper printout of all donations -- we want everyone to know that every penny is going to Jenny). Next week I'll head into the city with a check for that full amount, which I'll deposit at a branch of Jenny's bank. Assuming the bank teller is cooperative, I'll take a photo of the transaction to provide documentation.

If you missed this chance and would still like to make a contribution to Jenny and her two young sons, there is a memorial fund set up by Wells Fargo Bank in the name "Chuck Lamb Donation Account," account number 7348691358 [NOTE: Reader Steve pointed out that my original number was off by one digit, making a donation this way impossible. He very kindly sent the correction after communicating with Jenny, so the above account number is correct.] You can make a donation via any Wells Fargo Bank branch; or, as Steve noted, "A donation may be made at a bank other than WF but the account # and the account holder's name - "Wayne Bowman" must be included." Thanks Steve!

I want to thank you all for your incredible generosity on Jenny's behalf. Jenny isn't presently at a location with constant internet access (and may not be until after Christmas), but I'm positive I can speak for her in expressing her gratitude.

Folks, I don't know if I've ever used this blog as a platform to ask for money for a cause... but when I did, you came through with flying colors to help a woman facing some really, really tough times ahead.

God bless you all.

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  1. And God bless you, Don and Patrice.

    We haven't been able to contribute yet, but will be when the next work comes in.

    In the meantime we keep Jenny and her sons in our thoughts and prayers, as do we all here, I'm sure, thanks to you.

    This blog is such a blessing.