Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technical difficulties -- %$#@&% Blogger....

So it looks like Blogger.com has transitioned to an All New (cough) IMPROVED format, grrrr. Needless to say, it isn't worth squat.

This is all the behind-the-scenes stuff, and one of the things it ISN'T allowing me to do is post comments. So if your comment doesn't get posted for awhile, please forgive me and feel free to heap all the curses and blame on Blogger, as I've been doing all morning...


  1. i have noticed this happening alot in the past two weeks or so....

  2. Your theme switched to mobile a month or so ago. I would check your theme and appearance settings.

    1. Tina, I'm a little dim on these things -- can you explain what "mobile" means in this case? How can I check my theme and appearance settings? Everything looks fine on my end when the blog is loaded.

      - Patrice

  3. Patrice,

    The blog looks like it always has. (On my laptop and desktop.) A "mobile" theme - meaning site pages that load optimized for viewing on mobile devices - would only happen on purpose (via Dashboard > Settings > Email & Mobile). It SHOULD only appear that way on mobile devices, and would be immediately obvious if it were to happen - for some reason - in a regular browser/computer. I'm not sure what Tina is talking about.

    Jeff - Tucson

  4. Patrice, I've tried for weeks to post an occasional comment and it hasn't worked, so maybe now I'll be able to? Here's hoping!

    Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

  5. I'm with Tina - a month or so ago, if I looked at your blog from my Android phone, it became different from what I saw on my computer.