Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random pix

Some random shots from the last couple of weeks:

I took the camera and hit our pasture one day, trying to take a photo suitable for the front cover of the quarterly magazine I edit for the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association. This is the photo I used (our cow Ruby).

My folks are up visiting (staying in Coeur d'Alene for a couple of months) and they came over for dinner one evening. Older Daughter snapped a pic of my dad chuckling over a comic book.

Chickens on tires.

The girls discussing something in the barn.

Bumper sticker we saw in Spokane.

Another chuckle:

Some serious "awwww."

Building a better mousetrap. Older Daughter had a mouse in her room. So one night she decided to build a mousetrap using some books stacked stair-step fashion, with bits of cheese leading up the stairs. At the top were two folded pieces of paper laid lightly over a can, with a piece of cheese in the center. The idea is the mouse would step onto the paper and fall into the can.

It worked!!

What I want to know is, how can a four-day trip result in two weeks' worth of laundry?

A chickaree (a type of squirrel) in our barn (blurry shot, sorry).

We have a robin nesting in the rafters of our barn. Usually it's swallows who like to nest in rafters, but this is definitely a robin.

This is Snap, our rooster.

We've been having fewer eggs in the chicken coop lately. This could explain why.

Tossing tires with Jack's wonderful wife, Natalie.

Jack and Natalie's youngest. Oh so cute!

I don't know my snakes. Anyone? Gopher? Rat snake?


Older Daughter is gradually papering the back of her bedroom door with our weekly church bulletins. Not your typical teenage wallpaper.

Explaining the intricacies of geometry (in a very messy room).

Moonset at dawn (behind a cloud of steam).



  1. Its a snake! I don't care what type it is! It's a DEAD snake if it's near me! That's with those steam clouds? Is there a geothermal plant near you?

    1. Aww, I **like** snakes. It helps that we don't have any poisonous ones in our area.

      Not a geothermal plant, but a sawmill in town.

      - Patrice

    2. We have rattlesnakes in our area, and if we see one, it's dead! Sorry, but they can kill our dogs and US, so they have to go. We never kill non-poisonous snakes, though, because many of them actually eat rattlesnakes! --Fred & Deb in AZ

  2. Wow, these are you best group of pics yet!
    Any American flags for this fine weekend?
    -K in OK<><

  3. I love the mousetrap! That was brilliant and very MacGyverish. But what became of the mouse?

    ~ Sandy Taylor

  4. i don't know snakes very well either, but i can tell you most of them (that i has had) taste the same when grilled or fried.

  5. looks like a garter snake to me! :)

  6. Tell your daughter to try peanut butter. Mice like that MUCH better than cheese, believe it or not! We were having a serious mouse and pack rat problem here until we began using peanut butter in our traps. What a difference that made! --Fred & Deb in AZ

  7. Cool.

    If I ever start a blog, I'm going to do the same thing every couple weeks - post a bunch of random pictures. I loved them all: "Snap," the rooster, the mousetrap, and Lydia on alert. Thanks for inviting me in for a visit.

    (PS: It's always wonderful to see young people being creative. Great Mousetrap! Good job.)

    Just Me

  8. Loving Older Daughter's mousetrap and "wallpaper." Brilliant and beautiful.


  9. That's not a messy room! You can see the floor.No "trails" through heaped up books/parts/good junk. No overloaded shelves featuring electronics from the past and present.That ain't messy....
    In high school, my walls were "wallpapered" with old license plates and QSL cards.
    Peanut butter or bacon make great mouse bait.