Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April showers bring May flowers...

... but what do May snowstorms bring?

Yes, here it is May 2 and it's SNOWING.

My husband's first words when he came downstairs this morning were, "Typical Idaho weather."


  1. Ya, tell me about it. . . typical Michigan weather too. We will be 80+ today and tomorrow. Geez.


    So far we've been spared any snow (that makes it to the ground, anyway) but it's raining and too cool not to keep a fire going.

    My Jerusalem artichokes just broke the surface and my collard greens are going strong. They say it's springtime. Let's have it!

    GRRRRR. After those few wonderful sunny and warm days working outdoors this is hard to take. I want OUT!! My garden is calling!! My ravens are lonely!! I want sunshine!!


    I've had my snivel.

    Carry on.

    A. McSp

  3. In Texas the temperature has been over 80 for several days now. Since it stays cloudy at night, it doesn't cool off much then either. We're expecting our lettuce to bolt before long. The arugula already has. We would enjoy cooler nights anyway as we can't cool the house down much at night if the nighttime temperature is 70.

  4. Yep! That's North Idaho for ya! And I just bought some beautiful flowers at Judy's Greenhouse yesterday. I guess I won't be planting them anytime soon.

  5. I understand what you are doing posting these pictures of snow in May. You are trying to discourage others from moving to Idaho. Right? Isn't that it? You want the state all to yourselves?

    Just kidding of course, but I have to say it looks like a challenge to live where the weather is this unpredictable!

  6. What strange weather we all are having this year! Here in Ga. we are having our second (or third?) week of temps 20 degrees above normal. Peaches are ripening two weeks early. It should reach about 93 today, and it's been in the 90's for almost a week now. Everything is already dried up and withering away! Pray that we will receive some much needed rain in the next couple of days. Looks like a long, HOT, DRY summer ahead for us.

  7. April showers bring May flowers.
    May flowers bring ... Pilgrims! ;-)

  8. Down here in Texas, we had a beautifully wet Feb and Mar to pull us out of drought classification. The flowers went wild! This April we had a mere 1/2 inch and now we're back into the drought mess again. Good thing is that many of the stock ponds were filled. I hope we get enough rain at least to get one harvest of hay.

  9. Flowers and snow. Summer in Idaho

  10. Here in The Devil's Furnace (Phx), I'm pretty sure we've cracked 100 degrees. Not that I bother looking at the thermometer anymore but I lost a debit card the other day (left on dash for three hours, warped like an old LP record over a bonfire) and the lettuce bolted a while ago.

    I wouldn't mind a little snow...