Thursday, January 5, 2012

Safecastle Freedom Award update

We received an email from Vic Rantala, owner of, regarding our participation in the Safecatle Freedom Award essay contest. His email is as follows:

Hello again all. Once again -- your participation in our Freedom Awards competition is greatly appreciated.

I have posted all finalists' creations at our blog here.

We are asking for public comments/votes of approval until Jan. 20 on those entries. Readers / viewers that come to our blog can register their favorite finalist submissions by entering comments under those specific entries in my blog. Those comments will go a long way toward helping us decide the prize winners from among those articles and videos that are posted there.

Please do me (and your finalists) one more favor and post a link at your site to this finalist vote competition--our own little American Idol, if you will.

Stay safe in the New Year!

Vic Rantala
Owner, Safecastle LLC

So let's everyone go visit Mr. Rantala's blog and vote for the best essay!

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