Thursday, January 19, 2012

The death of ambition

I've written about it before, but here's a cartoon that beautifully encapsulates an age-old point: government incentives destroy ambition.


  1. Ok, I have to share this...
    Recently my child was injured and we needed medical help. We have insurance that is paid for by us through my husbands work. Unfortunately, we still have quite a big bill to pay.

    I called to set up a payment plan and the lady told me if I apply for gov. aid then they can lower my bill. I told her I am not comfortable with it, but thanks anyway. She then told me they can accept no less than $100.00 every 21 days. Needless to say that is not possible.

    She told me just to apply and even if I am denied they will lower my bill, but if I get approved, "Hey, free money."

    I am at a loss really. So, because I will not apply for aid I will be punished by having to pay inflated medical costs.

    The system is so very deeply flawed.

  2. @Anne:

    Isnt that just ridiculous? When it comes to medical/dental bills I pay what I can bi-weekly. The bills always get paid albeit alittle slower than the doctors would like. This week one dentist got $15 the other $30. The other thing I have noticed is that the bills are coming much faster than they used to. It used to be on whatever the regular billing cycle was. Now I usually have the bill within a week of said doctor appointment.

    All you can do is the best you can and take things a step at a time.


  3. seems everyone these days are in the same boat and we are all paddling as fast as we can to keep up. i have always laughed at that little sign in the drs/dentist office that says payment to rendered at time of service....but no one can tell you up front what the payment in fact will be...we have a dr./dentist in n.e.mississippi that takes one to two days a year and gives his services to anyone in the line who has something to trade for the canned goods, clothing, a quilt, a cake or pie - nothing gets turned down and no one gets turned away on those days...wish more could see fit to do this, even if it is only for a day or two a year..the dr. gets the write off, a charity gets a huge donation of goods, and people who can least afford a dr. gets seen and taken care of.

  4. I second Debby.

    Anne's situation is, in my opinion, explicitly caused by the governments meddling in healthcare. What do I mean?

    Here in the UK there is a system called Legal-Aid, it pays (through taxation) for those who are deemed suitable to have a solicitor represent them in legal proceedings. The result is that the newest, most incompetent and uneducated lawyer will not work for less than £105 per hour, imagine what a competent lawyer with a record of success charges. Why? Because that is the rate the government pays. So we have a system where only the stupendously rich or those in favoured political groups can afford a lawyer.

    In healthcare here we have the NHS. The result? A GP here will earn around £1500000 a year (seven times the average wage) whether he treats or cures you correctly (the salary is dependent on patient numbers, compliance with guidelines and membership of favoured 'schemes'). His incentive is to have and see as many patients as possible, whether they recover is irrelevant. Then of course every piece of equipment, drug and sundries is inflated in price - because the NHS is buying it. The system is beyond being fixed. So Anne is paying twice for the privilege of funding someone else's treatment, once in tax and then in inflated costs.

    The answer, get the government out of healthcare (and almost everything else)! The law of supply and demand will do the rest.

    I was pointed to a series of posts which have a similar (common sense) approach to economics that you always show, interesting reading.

  5. To all those that are struggling with medical must see "Sicko" by Michael Moore. need to break away from the propaganda machine long enough to look outside the box....but watch out...the movie was made by a liberal!! Get educated.

    Several countries already have all health care paid for through their tax system. They would be shocked if you asked "how much" after visiting a doctor there....(France being one). We can do that too.

    These are countries where the tax codes are balanced according to wage income....countries where everyone pays their fair share from poor to rich without loopholes and rediculous tax breaks for the wealthy.(Do you think this might be what the 99% are upset about? We already know the sting of Reagan's "trickle down economics" doesn't work)....but when everyone pays their fair share....we can do quite well, thank you.

    I do believe this concept of "Corporations are people" and "money is speech" needs to change. It is this part of our government that is like a cancer to our democracy and needs to be re-evaluated.

    I am not so far removed to think there aren't those who are lazy or take advantage...but this is a small percentage. This concept of a government free landscape will only lead to chaos. (Most Americans want to carry their own weight and are not moochers...but have pride.)

    There would be no regs on the envirement (which is seriously in jeopardy now), sick people with no insurance, vandalism, theft, crime and the list goes on.... The "Commons" will be taken over (trying to do this now in Florida) by private corps that will privatize and create monopolies over your power, water, police, fire dept,schools, city hall, parks, etc. Lets face it, when left alone, we have a tendency to self destruct. We easily could turn into a third world country as the corporations do with us as they please. There has to be somebody at the wheel.

    There is a way for all to prosper and that is the goal we should be striving come together for all souls involved. Care about more than just your neighbor....

    1. Pal, I think you're on the wrong blog. You're probably looking for the Obama blog. Right? Sheesh.

      The day I learn anything about health care from a self-indulgent blimp like Michael Moore who has obviouslny never gotten his hands dirty working or ever missed a meal will be the same day Bigfoot is found. IOW, it ain't gonna happen. NEVER!

      If you don't know how horribly abused a government system can become, then you either just woke up from a long sleep or you you've never even heard of California. Between the illegal aliens and the lazy cheats, this state is bankrupt and will remain so until the federal government bails out the state government. How do you think that's going to go over with the other 49 states? Every government program is rife with corruption, cheats, abuse, and waste. Do I want my health care to be the same way? Hell no!

      You think socialism works? Have you not been listening to the news? Europe is broke, America is broke - because there has been far too much socialism and not enough common sense.

      BTW, America is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. Study the difference, you might learn something.

      Liberals are like boils: you never invite them, and they're hard to get rid of once they arrive...and they're always a pain in the rear.

      Anonymous Patriot

    2. First of all, I was raised in California....but thing I know you have to have to carry on an intellegent conversation with respect and finesse.....Something that appears to be lacking in your case.

      If I was an outsider looking in to both our comments.. I would say come back when you can stop the name calling and throwing derogatory cuts below the belt....THEN...maybe we might be able to carry on a productive exchange.

      As far as listening to the news, that is part of what I do for a living....It just depends on who you are listening to. I listen to both sides and find the truth somewhere in the middle. You won't get that just listening to "FOX and friends". Check out both sides and fact check the facts.

    3. I have no respect for liberals - people who are always trying to tell me how to live my life. Finesse is for bridge games, it's a nice ploy but it won't work.

      I've seen and heard all the tricks, deceits, jabs, ridicules, attacks, slights-of-hand, and all the other tactics used by you liberals. They won't work on me. You can't guilt me into being silent. You can't shut me up with your facade of taking the high road.

      You want an "intelligent conversation"? Start by learning what our Founding Fathers envisioned for America. Then move on to reading the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Finish by reading Washington's Farewell Address, then come back and tell me how great it would be if we all "paid our fair share" of taxes. Who determines that "fair share?" You? Or the 99% you seem to think are so noble? When you can carry on an intelligent comversation, then you'll get one.

      I'll be respectful when I hear something worth respecting. So far you've failed miserably on that point. Furthermore, there is no reason for me to believe you will ever get it. Some people are "useful idiots" (not my term, look it up) and you seem to be one of them. You repeat the mantra like the morons in the Occupy Wall Street mobs. You don't even know what you're talking about, but because you saw it in a movie by Michael Moore then it must be true. ROFLMAO.

      You used to live in California. So what? You think that makes you an expert on the state today? Hardly. You can't know unless you live here and see the decay, the wanton waste, the stupidity in our public "education" system. Your utopian ideas have been implemented in California - and they have destroyed a once great state, turning it into a wasteland in every way imaginable. Nice work, Pal.

      Other people won't speak out as I do because they want to be polite or charitible or because they have more tact. I have seen how that works - the country is in deep trouble because too many people wanted to be polite or tactful or practice their sense of charity. Well, Pal, I'm not that type of American. I stand up and speak out because I want to return to the Constitution, not destroy it. I want my country back, I don't want to live like they do in Venezuela or Greece or even Canada. You want utopia? MOVE! And take Michael Moore with you.

      Anonymous Patriot

    4. No respect for liberals? You have to give repect to get respect. Are you not telling me what you want me to think?

      Without finesse and respect..brick walls go up too fast...then there IS no conversation worth a damn so I don't agree.

      If you recall, California's last govenor and the country's last president left quite a legacy for this nation. We are still trying to recover and mop up that mess. Those "damn liberals" must have been doing something right because we were in pretty good shape before a supreme court judge decided Bush was the better man for the job. (was that in the Constituion?)

      As far as the Constitution goes, it originally was great, (and this may be the one thing we agree on) till it was hacked up by amendments. Conflict of interest, revolving doors, lobbyists, unlimited election money only useful for the rich, homeland security, invasion of privacy, policing the world, undeclaried wars, abuse of our natural resourse with oil, etc, etc. etc.....we have created a new breed of animal in the wonder it isn't working anymore.

      I love this country as much as you do and want it to prosper just as much as you do. We just have different ideas of how to make that happen. Keep up your anger, your loyalty and your concern for this nation....but don't ever forget to seek the truth.

    5. Pal, you are so wrong about so many things that it truly exhausts me just trying to find a way to enlighten you. You are being used and those who are using you are very probably laughing about it right now behind a privacy panel in a taxpayer-bought limousine.

      GE paid no taxes in 2010. Did you know that? Where is your outrage about GE? And to make it worse, GE was run by Jeffrey Immelt in 2010, and Immelt is head of the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Don't you find that at all hypocritical?

      A flat tax is precisely a single percentage. That's why it's called a flat tax. How can you (pretend to) speak with authority on something that you obviously know nothing about?

      Let me tell you a little story. There was a little bird that was very hungry and flew from field to field, looking for food. One day the little bird flew into a pasture and there was a big mean bull in the pasture. The bull was very territorial and didn't like the little bird to be in his field. But the little bird found plenty to eat in the field, so he was happy and started to sing. The bull heard the song and chased the little bird, trying to scare him out of the pasture. The little bird flew into a bush and hid there, escaping the wrath of the bull. Then the little bird saw a cow pattie under the bush, brimming with seeds. He was happy to see the cowpie because he knew he could stay within the safety of the bush and still eat to his heart's content. So he ate the seeds from the cow pattie while in the safety of the bush. Ah, now the little bird was so very happy to have a full stomach that he started singing again. The bull heard the bird singing, ran over to the bush where the song was coming from, and charged into the bush, killing the little bird. What's the moral of the story, you ask? When you're full of bullsh?t, keep your mouth shut.

      You don't like the amendments to the Constitution? So you don't like the first 10, the Bill of Rights? And you don't like the one that abolished slavery? And you oppose the one that gave women as much right to vote as men? Wow, that says a lot about you.

      By the time you wake up and see how wrong you've been, this country will have been destroyed. And that, Pal, is what really irritates me.

      Anonymous Patriot

    6. Whew....I don't think you're going to be my ah-hah moment in life...but I do admire your moxy.

      When I talk about amendments...certainly you are aware of the twelve inch thick book of amendments that have been created since the original amendments to the consitution (of which I admire) might have learned about that book after it was showed and talked about shortly after an interveiw with Ron Paul...(you know...another movie by Michael Moore that you so hate) In this book are all the amendments to the amendments that we have tweeked since Jefferson.

      As far as GE....I am against any corporation squeeking out of paying their fare share of taxes, I don't care what their political belief.

      You must have approved of the way George Bush and Schwarzenegger handled things because you can't argue that they were the guys in charge when the %$*# hit the fan.

      If you look at any kind of new, truthful job chart in this country now, you will see job figures going up for the middle class right after Bush left office. Granted, it has not been at record speed, but how fast can things be corrected after 8 years of Bush?!?

      We have had two undeclared wars and several bailouts on the credit card. This coupled with the lifting of regulations on the envirement....we have faced massive clearcuts of our forests (and I am not against logging) unregulated oil spills that keep on polluting the ocean, fracking that has tainted peoples drinking water, more piplines that WILL destroy auquafers, transport of tar sands that they don't even know how to clean up if spilled... I mean...more "DRILL BABY DRILL"....wake this what you want more of??? Unregulated corporations to take over??? The dollar is the bottom line for these guys and that won't change without regulation.

      This world will not be fit to breath or drink water fact....clean water they predict will be the next gold. This is what we are looking at along with the shrinking of the middle class. Until we are able to correct this with renewed regualtions and fair tax from the won't even know what "destryed" looks like till you witness this phenomenon!!

    7. Obvuously you drank the Kool-Aid and went back for more. You are so far down the rabbit hole that not even Alice can retrieve you.

      What truly fascinates me is that you have a job which entails watching the news. So you undoubtedly have a govt job and are part of the Rat Out Your Neighbor campaign. Wow, that must make you so proud. What's it like being an arm of Big Brother?

      Don't forget to log all of these comments for your fuehrer.

      Anonymous Patriot

    8. Ha!! government job, no kool-aid and no "rat out your neighbor campaign."
      Sorry...but my job is strictly volunteer and I love my neighbors. How can someone that comes off so knowledgeable be so wrong? Like I said, use some of that energy on some due diligence. We do agree that we are in need of some huge changes ....but just not the same ones.

      It's been intersting "Anonymous Patriot"...and by the way, those charts on the job recovery act under Obama can be found at:

      At least check it out....The last time I listened to Fox news (I used to be an avid listener)....they were ranting about all the loss of jobs under the Obama administration. Got to fact check those guys or you will REALLY know what going down the rabbit hole is all about!!

    9. I would like to chime in here...hat tip to AP.

      1) Michael Moore is a "propoganda machine" in and of himself. You mention his name and you lost it right there.
      2) You're accusing people of "not checking out the facts". How do you know? Where do you get your facts? The MSM? Michael Moore? Give me a break. You keep your "facts".
      3) I'm not a FoxNews groupie and probably not many people here are. I didn't care much for Bush, either. We see the facts, we are living the facts. We see our country being taken over and bankrupted.

      BTW, I'm also a college grad, and I'm not dazzled by your intellect. Intellects don't impress me.

      Back to my rabbit hole now...

      non-Anonymous patriot

    10. Anon,
      OK, in regards to my last comment, I apologize. Posted in haste. I have been talked down to by so-called "intellectuals" before and you are coming across as one of those. The rest of my comment still stands.


    11. To be honest, Michael Moore only came up because of his movie "Sicko" with regards to health care in other countries. This information is documented knowledge. In truth...I haven't thought much about him for a few years now...but he did show that health care can be affordable for everyone because it is practiced in several countries...of course, that could be changing now.

      On the flip side you could say that Bill O'Rielly is a propaganda machine too....but I HAVE agreed with a few of his issues. A person just needs to listen to all points of view....then fact check.

      I am not trying to sound like a "know it all"...I feel I have a deep and sincere understanding for the needs of this country. This comes from my own curiosity. (it just so happens that it aligns with my job too).

      I consider myself a seeker of truth. It is BECAUSE I find myself sifting through all the "know it alls" that I do this ....not because I want to be classified as an intellectual. I could care less about image....

    12. Pal, what a crock! You wouldn't recognize the facts if you saw them. The only facts that matter are found in the Bible and the US Constitution, and you have already dismissed the Constitution because of all those pesky amendments. I shutter to think what you would find pesky in the Bible.

      When you say "job" most of us think of a paid position. Since you are actually doing volunteer work, you may want to reconsider using the word "job" and replace it with "I'm getting support from others, while doing the king's dirty work."

      You need not worry about your image here. Most of us have formed our own visions of you. LOL

      Do you realize, Pal, that you slipped up? You acknowledged that healthcare may not be so readily available in Europe at this time. Why not? Could it be that SOCIALISM doesn't work, and eventually will DESTROY the countries that implement it? So, please take your pie-in-the-sky, tax-the-rich, fair-tax, utopian hogwash and bury it. It's dead.


    13. If you must know, I write a column in a daily paper (which I get paid for) and the volunteer work I do is strictly for myself so that I can write with accuracy. I spend a lot of personal time doing that because writing the truth is paramount to me.

      But I think I liked it better when you thought I was working for the government riding around in a black limousene with smoke glassed windows....You know documenting your moves and speech so that I could report back to big brother. HA!!

      My God...You are so eating the fear pill. But don't worry, the Patriot Act is taking care of that one for ya!! "When someone says they are going to keep you safe, keep an eye on your freedoms."

      On the health care issues, the "health care for all" system is only working in a few countries. I mentioned France, but the UK and some others are using a different system. In is the exact system that the GOP wants to propose for us to use but it's not working too well now for them.

      With the whole financial world in chaos and the euro in trouble...don't know how it will effect everything. We should have NEVER taken the regs off of Wall Street. That collapse impacted the whole world.

      (FYI...the repubs supported MM's documentary "Sicko" because it was just that....a documnary....informative and not political. I read the reviews.)

  6. Everyone pays their fair share? So they have a flat rate? Awesome, I wish we did. And not because I am in some fictional 1%. If God is satisified with 10% why should TDL need 37%?

    1. Fair share means the same percentage for everyone...not a flat tax. No more tax advantages because your rich. Wait till Romney's tax return comes out and you will know what I mean. Chevron oil didn't pay any taxes in 1011...go figure.

      The "job creators" don't create more jobs by hiring when they can pay half the tax with income investments....That's why Warren Buffet pays less tax than his secretary.

      Not all rich people agree with this either. If you recall....200 of some of the richest men (according to Forbes magazine) came out begging to pay their fair share of taxes with the 99ers and elliminate the Bush tax cuts. The rich have had a free ride going back several years on the backs of the middle class. It's time for them to start carrying the load with everyone else. No wonder this country can't help itself. The rich drive the same roads, etc. that we do. Their fair share of taxes could make a huge difference to this nation.

  7. Anonymous

    Hmm "Several countries already have all health care paid for through their tax system". Yep, I live in one of them. I work in (for over 25 years) that health care system.

    Guess what? I injured my leg last year (February 1st) (hamstring tear, subluxation of proximal tibiofibular joint and RSD). I was seen in A&E and referred to a specialist. I saw the specialist for the first time in... November, 10 months later. That is not unusual in socialised health care, when the treatment is not selectively reduced to fit the budget that is.

    The GP and consultant have no incentive to get me well, they get paid the same whatever, even whilst I'm left in pain on a waiting list. Contrast that with a system where insurance pays for it. Is a company going to pay for me to sit around for ten months? I have corresponded with someone in the Us with a vaguely similar injury, they were seen and treated by the specialist in two days.

    Professionally as a nurse (front line clinical) I have 8 layers of management above me to the chairman (all non-clinical bureaucrats. Socialised medicine becomes a bureaucratised medicine with more administrators and managers than clinicians. The priority changes from caring for patients to protecting the bureaucracy. Witness the many lay-offs of nurses and clinical staff here, whilst no clerical, administrative or management staff are lost (they are even recruiting new senior management to make it even more unbelievable).

    Is private health care perfect? No. But are you willing to force everyone to pay more (through tax) for a poorer service just because you feel some have fallen through the cracks, when protection for these people already exists? If you are then that does not give you the right to force everyone else to pay for your ideological white elephant.

    The NHS worked when it was run by clinicians, when limited treatments were available, when it was funded for the few who needed it rarely by the majority young working population. Now with an ageing population, increasing welfare dependant and unemployed, massive influxes of foreign migrants and health tourists, and a bureaucracy run wild - I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed under it's own weight yet.

  8. It was such a funny cartoon that I wanted to see what the discussion was all about. Surprise- it's about health costs!

    Our system has checks and balances through supply and demand as personal choices. The healthcare industry does not respond as easily to supply and demand because of insurance. Insurance puts a firewall between us and the prices nowadays. People learned to not care about the costs, relying on insurance to cut their costs for them. Slowly, hospitals and doctors realized this and prices began to go up. But this system is in the throes of collapse now as both health insurance and hospital costs are through the roof.

    Don't believe me? Try to go to the doctor without insurance. Call the doctor up and ask them the "cash pay" price. The doctor billed my insurance for $230 but they dropped the bill to just $80. Simply flu visit? Just $40-$60! But that wasn't the biggest shock of my life.

    I had a baby 14 months ago. The hospital gave me documents saying I could prepay $3100 for the birth. With my insurance paying 80%, I was set! I was floored when I got the bill- for $9000! My insurance gave me a $1000 discount and paid a massive $5000. My bill- $2900. The hospital wouldn't give a further discount due to "contracts".

    If I hadn't known the real prices for services, I would be complaining about costs and whining about my insurance with the best of them. Didn't my insurance act honorably? Why shouldn't the hospital charge me $9G if they knew somebody else was paying?

    We simply must be better educated consumers and demand a better product and price. I think HSAs are the wave of the future. We also need to detach the employer provided insurance. There's no choice when it's your employer choosing for you.

    1. I have no health insurance. I pay my own way in all things, including my health care. (Lest anybody assume I am part of the so-called 1%, nothing could be further from the truth.) My doctors charge me a fare fee for their services and I can see a list of the services rendered on the receipt - any questions about services rendered can be resolved before I even leave the office. So far, there have been no discrepencies - unlike with insurance claims.

      It seems to me that our health care costs started climbing rapidly once health insurance became a part of the benefits package provided by almost all employers. Then doctors and pharmacies and laboratories joined forces to take advantage of the situation. Not all, but most IMO. So I agree with your assessment of the problem.

      The only way to eliminate graft and abuse is to have a cash & carry society again. Eliminate as many layers as possible, and by doing so we will eliminate much of the expense of health care.

      Anybody who can show me one, just one, program run by the federal government that is efficient and I will eat my computer.

      Anonymous Patriot

  9. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid!!

  10. The Anonymous poster who cites Michale Moore as an expert on health care is making it known to us through his/her own words that s/he's volunteering to monitor those who disagree with the current administration. S/he is obviously part of the Turn In Your Neighbor campaign.

    Folks, this is nothing short of a fascist-like mentality. We should all be very concerned about this trend. Obama said he didn't support SOPA, but he would quickly do an about-face if he is reelected. He and his cronies want to have the power to shut down the internet, and if they can't shut the entire thing down, they will pick and choose which sites get the axe. They are monitoring this site!

    Right now the POTUS is trying to appeal to the middle class (what's left of it) and come across as very compassionate. It's all a lie and a facade. Don't be fooled! He is the most dangerous president in American history. And as I type this, you can bet your last silver dollar that the Anonymous Michael Moore fan is taking notes.

    Let's not forget the types of people this adminsitration considers potential domestic terrorists:
    Gun Owners
    ANYBODY with more than 7 days of food on hand
    ANYBODY missing a finger or two
    Tea Party patriots
    ANYBODY who pays cash
    People who speak out aginst the current administration
    Bloggers who speak out against the current administration
    If you fit one or more of these arbitrary categories, you could be sent off to a prison camp and never heard from again (read about the NDAA for details).

    This country is under the thumb of a group of thugs and anti-Americans. Stay alert. Be careful. Beware of smug sheeple. They are actually wolves.

    Anonymous Patriot

  11. I'm not sure I'm getting the "turn in your neighbor campaign" comment. Must be some new montra I haven't heard yet. I know bankers have to report what your taking your money out of the bank for. And certain key words on your phone calls can get you in trouble. Oh yeah...forgot...the good old PATRIOT ACT again.

    Where do you get YOUR facts? You say.."obama said he doesn't support SOPA"....who found this amazing power to see into the future to know he won't if elected??

    Does this informant have a crystal ball? Is he psychic? Does he have some kind of woo-woo voo-doo capabilities? Obama was the one that changed the laws so that lobbiest had to have transparency as to where their contributions come from on the...oh guessed it...THE INTERNET!!

    You see, this is just the tripe that I am talking about. It is another well thought out, witch hunt fear based tactic from the right. These are almost word for word mantras from Fox new.'s what they do best.

    But you dooooo know....the Patriot Act is responsible for most of your list don't you?!? Oh yeah....that was a way to "cornor the terroists" idea from the Bush years...the biggest invasion of privacy our nation has ever known. My God...what freedoms did we end up loosing with that one?!? Talk about the Hitler Brigade!!
    But what the's easier to blame Obama. So have at it. Your wearing me out with this tripe.

    But I WILL comment on the gun control issue which I know is a farse. Remember when the rumor was going around the internet to hoard all your amo because Obama put controls on it???? We were in a gun shop when we heard that we looked up the bill right there in the shop with 3 other guys on line. Turns out it was another fabricated lie. WE READ THE BILL SHERLOCK!!
    Burned out AP.....vios con Dios!!!

  12. I suspect Anon is in need of ideas for a new column of whatever liberal rag he/she works for and decided to come and "inform" some uninformed, backwoods, "clinging to our God and our guns" (are you going to deny he ever said that?) types for it.

    Then again maybe he/she is a watchdog. If not, why remain anon? What paper do you write for? Come out of the closet and reveal yourself or you have no credibility here.

    1. Sorry folks....when your being blamed for being a watchdog, an informant, a person claiming to "speak to the uniformed backwoods folk that cling to their God and their guns" (sounds like a quote from Sarah Palin, can't you guys be original?)....just because I wanted to have a civil conversation with may be time to tap that brick wall and leave.

      I'm sure this will be a great relief to this blog. But at least I shook things up a little and maybe made you think...but getting into character assinations is not productive....

      FYI....I also live in a rural area and have always been an avid hunter. I used to think on the right because I always heard the left was trying to take my guns away.

      In about 2004, I started researching the truth and found out how badley things are manipulated....It changed my life and I decided from there on out....I would always seek the truth.

      I have found good and bad on both sides of the political spectrum....but at least I no longer get sucked in with the montras and selective, twisted name calling (some created from "talking points" on Fox News.) I am just "common folk" and always will be.....

  13. Good riddance!

  14. Hey Pal, you need an editor - your spelling is worse than mine. But I don't CLAIM to be a newspaper person. And since when does doing your own research for your own columns qualify as "volunteer work?" Fact is, you don't work for a daily newspaper. You're probably sitting in your grandmother's basement applying acne cream and smoking dope.

    If you don't know that Obama said he was against SOPA, while his administration has been working on a similar law, then you need to do more research.

    And I didn't say that YOU were in the limousine, I said that somebody was in that limousine laughing at you because you are one of their useful idiots - a term you might want to look up on Wiki because the description fits you perfectly. So dont' let that big head of yours swell too much, I can't see you in a limousine, but I can picture you in a Volt. LOL

    Anonymous Patriot