Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh groan...

An alert reader (to use a favorite phrase of humor writer Dave Barry) sent me a link to a new (cough) "fashion" phenomenon known as "drop crotch" jeans.

Just when I'm sure fashion can't possibly get any stupider, I'm proven wrong.

According to the article, "It’s certainly a brave fad, and something likely only hardcore fashionistas could pull off. As Refinery29 pointed out, these pants make cool girls look even cooler 'while making the rest of us look like we were wearing adult diapers.'"

Yeah! Adult diapers! My idea of nouveau fashion!

One cynic accurately observed, "These would be great for shoplifting a turkey."

Couldn't have said it any better myself.


  1. They look really uncomfortable. Like I feel when my nylons are sagging. Yuck.

  2. Pardon my language, but those jeans give the impression you pooped in your pants. Ridiculous.


  3. SAGGY BRITCHES --- It ain't just for old folk no more...that should be their advertisement and tagline.


  4. The jeans look nasty to me! I will stick with my old lady jeans!! Wonder if I should pick up an extra pair or two now before they are no longer avalible?

  5. Are you making this up?

    Long time Dave fan originally from Miami.


  6. Wasn't it MC Hammer who started this, Oh a few years back (don't want to date myself)? I hope it dosen't mean we'll have to hear "can't touch this" over and over and over.....

  7. I foresee an epidemic of chaffed inner thighs and rocketing sales of Diaperene ointment!


  8. I don't get it, but as the article says,
    "At least these low-riders start above the bum."
    It's a good for a laugh though.

  9. Uffda, those are ugly. Well, if I had to pick between these and "sagging", at least with these I don't have to see the underwear. Ugh...


  10. It looks like a home ec sewing project gone bad.

  11. What if you had to run for your life while wearing those?

    I remember having ugly pink wide whale corduroys pants, high waters with a crotch that hung down similar to those pictured, plus they were way too big in the waist. Not sure where my mother managed to find something so utterly awful, but I do know I didn't say a word, just wore them the next day and took the abuse. I was horribly skinny, and the pants were very obviously for a much shorter "chubby" girl (that's the word they used then, along with "husky") and the wide white belt I had to cinch those awful pants up only added to the horror of the ensemble. I'm 51 and I'm still dealing with it. It's okay to laugh, I am while I type this, it helps me cope.
    Our country is going down the tubes and I guess being "fashionable" is how sheeple actively ignore the signs.

  12. I remember hearing or reading somewhere that fashion usually reflects the state of the economy. Enough said......

  13. Like Maria said above, it reminds me of sagging nylons. Or of little girls' tights that are falling down. What an awful feeling it would be to wear these, esp. since the material is thick! And they look horrid, too.

  14. Oh dear, I hoped it wouldn't spread! This has been the 'fashion' here in the UK for some time. Seeing young girls dressed this way is bad enough but the boys are wearing them too. It's almost pathetic watching them trying to waddle along with their trouser crotches by their knees (just don't even think about them trying to run or climb stairs).

    I think it has something to do with the 'anything efnic is cool, innit' idiocy of a certain section of the population. So, if you can't be a 'cool efnic', pick the stupidest item of their clothing and wear that (see young white kids dressing like they were black kids 'in da hood' and here wearing Asian pants).

    There was I thinking that the seventies was the pinnacle of fashion idiocy - I guess I was being optimistic. Me (as a Star Wars fan), I'm just waiting in hope for the burnoose (?) to become fashionable - I make a good jedi, even if I do say so myself ;-)

  15. BWAHAHAHAA!!! I'm laughing myself silly from all the funny comments!

    If I ever see anyone actually wearing these pants, I'll have a hard time not letting out a big old guffaw.

    Just Me

  16. Charlie -- sorry, I'm not going to post your comment only because I don't want to send traffic to that link you provided. My kids read this blog and they don't need to see that kind of stuff. Ewww.....

    - Patrice